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Casio 5636 Operation Manual

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Watch Operation Guide 5636
Adjusting Hand and Day Indicator Alignment



  Summary of Contents for Casio 5636

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    MA2009-EA © 2020 CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. Watch Operation Guide 5636 Contents Using Mobile Link with a Alarm Mobile Phone Configuring Alarm Settings Before Getting Started... Getting Ready Turning Off the Alarm Auto Time Adjustment Watch Face Items Configuring World Time Settings...
  • Page 2: Before Getting Started

    Watch Operation Guide 5636 Navigating Between Modes Before Getting Last receive result, phone connection F  Started... status, Airplane Mode setting Press (C) to cycle between modes. The second hand points to the letter that In any mode, hold down (C) for at least one ●...
  • Page 3: Mode Overview

    Watch Operation Guide 5636 Stopwatch Mode Alarm Mode ● ● Mode Overview The second hand, and the small hour and The small hour and minute hands indicate the minute hands indicate the elapsed stopwatch alarm time. Calendar Mode ● time.
  • Page 4: Hand And Day Indicator Movement

    Watch Operation Guide 5636 Fast Forward/Fast Reverse ● Shifting the Hands Important! Crown Hand shift moves the hands out of the way for Depending on light intensity and local ● easy viewing of display info. conditions, the watch may become hot to the touch when exposed to light for Press (A).
  • Page 5: Viewing The Face In The Dark

    Watch Operation Guide 5636 Dead Battery Power Saving ● Viewing the Face in the Dark All hands and the day indicator are stopped. If the watch is not moved for about one hour, the connection with your phone will be...
  • Page 6: Time Adjustment

    Getting Ready connection with a phone is being used, While the watch’s Home Time City setting Your phone needs to have the CASIO “G- ● it will automatically try to receive a time is one where a time signal can be SHOCK Connected”...
  • Page 7: Appropriate Signal Reception Location

    Watch Operation Guide 5636 Appropriate Signal Reception Time Calibration Signal Reception Auto Time Calibration Signal Location Ranges Receive A time calibration signal can be received while Time calibration signal reception is supported An automatic time calibration signal receive the watch is near a window.
  • Page 8: Manual Time Signal Receive

    Watch Operation Guide 5636 Manual Time Signal Receive Signal Reception Precautions Using Watch Operations to Adjust the Time Setting When the watch is unable to adjust its time ● Important! in accordance with a calibration signal for If your watch cannot connect with a phone for...
  • Page 9 Watch Operation Guide 5636 Adjusting the Time and Day Setting Configuring the Summer Time Setting ● ● Rotate the crown to move the second (Home City) Loosen the crown and then pull it out to the hand to the desired setting for the year The watch’s current time setting can be...
  • Page 10: Checking The Last Time Adjustment Result

    Watch Operation Guide 5636 Checking the Last Time Using the Watch in a Medical Using Mobile Link Adjustment Result Facility or Aircraft with a Mobile Phone When you are in a hospital, on an aircraft, or Enter the Calendar Mode.
  • Page 11: Auto Time Adjustment

    Watch Operation Guide 5636 Triggering Immediate Time Adjustment ● Important! 3. Y Perform the operation shown on the The watch’s time setting will be adjusted screen of the phone to be paired with. automatically whenever you establish a The watch may not be able to perform ●...
  • Page 12: Configuring World Time Settings

    Watch Operation Guide 5636 Configuring the Summer Time Setting Swapping Your World Time and Home ● ● Configuring World Time Time Settings 1. Y Tap the “G-SHOCK Connected” icon. 1. Y Tap the “G-SHOCK Connected” icon. Specifying a World Time City with G-SHOCK 2.
  • Page 13: Configuring Timer Settings

    Watch Operation Guide 5636 Configuring Timer Settings Phone Finder Configuring Watch Settings Enter the Calendar Mode and then press You can use phone finder to trigger a tone on After establishing a connection between the ● (D). Next, check to make sure that the the phone to make it easy to find.
  • Page 14: Unpairing

    Watch Operation Guide 5636 Deleting Pairing Information from G- ● Connection Dual Time SHOCK Connected Connecting with a Phone 1. Y Tap the “G-SHOCK Connected” icon. Dual Time lets you look up the current time in Your watch can connect with a phone that is various time zones around the globe.
  • Page 15: Configuring The Summer Time Setting

    Watch Operation Guide 5636 Stopwatch Rotate the crown to change the time zone. Enter the Calendar Mode. Navigating Between Modes The Dual Time hour and minute hands indicate the current time in the selected The stopwatch measures elapsed time in units Loosen the crown and then pull it out to the time zone.
  • Page 16: Timer

    Watch Operation Guide 5636 Using the Timer Configuring Alarm Settings Timer Enter the Timer Mode. Enter the Alarm Mode. The timer counts down from a start time Navigating Between Modes Navigating Between Modes specified by you. A beeper sounds when the end of the countdown is reached.
  • Page 17: Adjusting Hand And Day Indicator Alignment

    Watch Operation Guide 5636 Adjusting Hand and Note Press (C). Day Indicator Confirm that the mode hand is stopped at Leaving the crown pulled out for more ● 12 o’clock, and check if the day is Alignment than approximately 30 minutes without indicated properly.
  • Page 18: International Travel

    When you reach your destination, disable the watch Airplane Mode. Supported Phones City (Time Zone) List For information about phones that can Second connect with the watch, visit the CASIO Time Representative Receivable Hand website. offset...
  • Page 19: Mobile Link Precautions

    Enable the watch’s Airplane Mode Auto summer time setting ● criminal offense. For details, visit the CASIO Using the Watch in a Medical Facility or Automatic switching between standard Website. time and summer time.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    Watch Operation Guide 5636 The signal receive operation always Signal reception should have been Troubleshooting fails. successful, but the watch’s time and/ or day is wrong. Is the watch in a location that is appropriate for signal reception? Is the indicated time off by one hour or by...
  • Page 21 Watch Operation Guide 5636 I can’t pair the watch with a I can’t reconnect the watch I can’t connect while my phone is in the Airplane Mode. phone. and phone. Connection with the watch is not possible while the phone’s Airplane Mode is enabled.
  • Page 22 Watch Operation Guide 5636 Phone-Watch Connection Auto Time Adjustment by Even if I hold down (D) for at least 0.5 seconds, the watch does not sync its Bluetooth Connection (Time time setting with my phone. Adjustment) I can’t establish a connection Connection with your phone is not possible between the phone and watch.
  • Page 23 Watch Operation Guide 5636 Crown Operations The second hand is jumping at two- second intervals. Battery power is low. Keep the watch exposed Nothing happens when I rotate the to light until it recharges sufficiently. crown. Solar Charging If you do not perform any operation for about...