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Yamaha PW50Y Owner's Manual Page 14

Yamaha motorcycle user manual.
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your motorcycle. Use extra care when
riding a motorcycle that has added ac-
cessories. Here are some general
guidelines to follow if adding accesso-
ries to your motorcycle:
Operation of an overloaded vehicle
could cause an accident.
The weight of the operator must
not exceed 25 kg (55 lb).
Accessory weight should be kept
as low and close to the motorcycle
as possible. Securely pack your
heaviest items as close to the cen-
ter of the vehicle as possible and
make sure to distribute the weight
as evenly as possible on both
sides of the motorcycle to mini-
mize imbalance or instability.
Shifting weights can create a sud-
den imbalance. Make sure that ac-
cessories are securely attached to
Check accessory mounts fre-
Properly adjust the suspension
for your load, and check the con-
dition and pressure of your tires.
Never attach any large or heavy
items to the handlebar, front
fork, or front fender.
Genuine Yamaha Accessories
Choosing accessories for your vehicle
is an important decision. Genuine
Yamaha accessories, which are avail-
able only from a Yamaha dealer, have
been designed, tested, and approved
by Yamaha for use on your vehicle.
Many companies with no connection to
Yamaha manufacture parts and acces-
sories or offer other modifications for
Yamaha vehicles. Yamaha is not in a
position to test the products that these
Therefore, Yamaha can neither en-
dorse nor recommend the use of ac-
cessories not sold by Yamaha or
modifications not specifically recom-
mended by Yamaha, even if sold and
installed by a Yamaha dealer.
Aftermarket Parts, Accessories,
and Modifications
While you may find aftermarket prod-
ucts similar in design and quality to
genuine Yamaha accessories, recog-
nize that some aftermarket accessories
or modifications are not suitable be-
cause of potential safety hazards to you
or others. Installing aftermarket prod-
ucts or having other modifications per-
formed to your vehicle that change any
of the vehicle's design or operation
characteristics can put you and others
at greater risk of serious injury or death.
You are responsible for injuries related
to changes in the vehicle.
Keep the following guidelines in mind,
as well as those provided under "Load-
ing" when mounting accessories.
Never install accessories that
would impair the performance of
your motorcycle. Carefully inspect
the accessory before using it to
make sure that it does not in any
way reduce ground clearance or
cornering clearance, limit suspen-
sion travel, steering travel or con-
trol operation.
Accessories fitted to the handle-
bar or the front fork area can
create instability due to improper
weight distribution. If accesso-


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