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Ups modular input power distribution cabinet (single cabinet)
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3. Partially tighten the expansion bolt and vertically insert it into the hole. Knock the expansion
bolt using a rubber mallet until the expansion sleeve is fully inserted into the hole.
4. Rotate the expansion bolt clockwise using a wrench until the expansion sleeve fully expands.
5. Rotate the expansion bolt counterclockwise to remove it together with the spring washer and
flat washer.
Put away the removed expansion bolt for securing the PDC.
6. Align the PDC mounting holes with the
expansion bolt holes.
7. Adjust the leveling feet of the PDC using
an adjustable wrench until the leveling feet
touch the floor.
Do not remove the leveling feet as the
reinstallation can be difficult when you need
to use them.
8. Level the PDC using a level and an adjustable
wrench, as shown by (1) in the figure.
(1) M12 expansion bolt
(2) Spring washer
(3) Flat washer
(4) Expansion sleeve
1. Wrench a leveling foot clockwise to elevate
the cabinet, or wrench a leveling foot
counterclockwise to lower the cabinet. The
cabinet feet can be adjusted within a range
of 0–8 mm.
2. To prevent cabinet tilting, adjust all the
feet at the four corners instead of one foot.
3. Use a measuring tape when leveling the
cabinet to ensure that the height between
the cabinet top and the ground is 2000±3


Table of Contents

Table of Contents