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Ups modular input power distribution cabinet (single cabinet)
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Making cord-end terminal
Connecting Cables
1. Ensure that all circuit breakers inside the PDC and the upstream circuit breakers of the PDC
are switched off before connecting cables.
2. Terminals must be coated with a heat shrink tubing.
3. Before connecting cables, remove the small covers based on the number of cables to be
routed. After connecting cables, seal the gaps between cables and cable inlet and outlet holes
using firestop putty.
1. Determine the length of each cable based on the positions of the PDC, downstream devices,
and monitoring device.
2. Determine the cable specifications based on the
3. Prepare terminals as instructed by appendix B.
4. Connect the input power cable based on the
Route the live wire, neutral wire, and ground cable into the PDC.
Connect the live wire to the corresponding input terminals of phases L1, L2, and L3.
Connect the neutral wire and ground cable to the corresponding neutral bar and ground bar.
5. Connect the output power cable based on the
Connect the output power cable from the wiring terminal of the PDC output terminal block
to the corresponding load.
Connect one ground cable and one neutral wire from the ground bar and neutral bar to the
corresponding load.
6. Connect signal cables by following instructions in the "Connecting Signal Cables for the UPS
Modular Input PDC (Single Cabinet)" section.
Connecting Power Cables for the UPS Modular
Input PDC (Single Cabinet)
1. Remove the small covers from the PDC
top based on the number of cables to
be routed.
The top covers at the bottom and top can be removed in the same way.
schematic diagram
schematic diagram
schematic diagram
(1) Cable
(2) Cord-end terminal
(3) Crimping tool
and appendix B.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents