Huawei PDU8000 Quick Manual page 10

Ups modular input power distribution cabinet (single cabinet)
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Combining Cabinets
1. Remove the screws for
combining cabinets at the
cabinet top and put the
screws aside, as shown in the
2. (Optional) Remove panels at
the PDC sides to be combined.
The PDC side panel at the
combination side needs to be
removed only when a
combination copper bar needs to
be installed.
3. Pull a rope at the front and rear
of the PDC top and bottom
respectively to align the PDCs.
The method for combining three or four cabinets is the same as that for combining two cabinets.
Here, combining two cabinets is used as an example.
4. Level adjacent PDCs using a level and an
adjustable wrench.
5. Remove the cabinet connecting kit and
screws from the side beam, and combine
the cabinets using the screws.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents