Start Up Procedure - Whirlpool WHELJ1 Installation And Operation Manual

Central water filtration system
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The filtration media in this Central Water Filtration
System contains a small number of particles generated
during manufacturing and shipping that are small
enough to exit the system with water flow. It is normal
for these particles to cause a temporary discoloration
of the water coming out of the system. To avoid dis-
colored water at your home's faucets the system's
start up cycle should be initiated to rinse the particles
and any discolored water down the drain.
If the Central Water Filtration System is used without
first running the start up cycle, you will notice that the
water will temporarily have a gray color until the parti-
cles have exited the system.
To Initiate the start up cycle:
1. Make sure the drain hose is attached to the Central
Water Filtration System and the other end is
secured over a drain (see "Install Valve Drain
2. Make sure bypass valve is in the "service" (open or
filtered water) position and the home's water supply
is turned on.
3. Press and hold the CLEAN button to initiate the
start up cycle. The button can be released when
you hear the valve changing position and
"RECHARGE NOW" flashes in the display.

Start Up Procedure

During the start up cycle:
Throughout the start up cycle you will hear the valve
changing position and notice the flow of water to drain
starting and stopping. The start up cycle will take
approximately 20 minutes. Avoid using water during
this time. Do not set the time of day or press other
buttons during the start up cycle, as this will interrupt
it. Do not unplug the transformer during the start up
cycle. If the start up cycle is interrupted, it should be
initiated again and allowed to run to completion.
After the start up cycle:
Once the start up procedure completes successfully, it
cannot be initiated a second time. The Central Water
Filtration System will automatically return to the normal
operation position and be ready for use. If, after run-
ning the start up cycle, the water still appears discol-
ored, manually run Clean Rinse cycles (See Page 15)
until the water is clear.
If the time of day was not set before the start up cycle,
set it now (See Page 14).
Check the new plumbing connections and joints once
more for leaks.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents