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Connect Faucet To Filters - Whirlpool WHAB-6012 Installation Instructions And Use And Care Manual

Ultraease filtration series under sink modular filtration system
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Connect faucet to filters

11. Screw on the retaining nut
to secure the faucet.
1. Insert elbow fitting with blue
collet into the blue collet flow
monitor outlet.
2. Insert the white tubing into
the blue collet of the elbow of
the flow monitor outlet.
NOTE: If you choose to install
the DirectChill™ unit, connect
this tubing to the DirectChill™
unit (for more details please
refer to the DirectChill™ Use
and Care Guide).
3. Insert the 12" long white tubing
into the white collet of the flow
monitor inlet.
4. Connect the other tubing end
to the blue collet elbow of
the filterhead valve B (or C
if installed).
5. With the 2 Phillips head screws,
install the flow monitor to the
cabinet wall.
6. Connect the flow monitor wire
to the faucet flow monitor by
inserting the connection plug
into the flow monitor inlet.
7. Remove screw from cover and
install 2 AA batteries in the
flow monitor. Replace cover
and screw.
8. Disconnect the cold water
line to your sink faucet.
9. Install T-fitting included. Use
seal compound or Teflon
10. Cut the white tubing to fit the
required installation location.
Push white tubing into easy
to connect port of T-fitting.
Connect the other end to
the filterhead valve elbow
fitting of filterhead valve A
(white collet).
11. Double check all connections
by pulling gently on each
portion of tubing.


Table of Contents

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