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Tool Lubrication; Maintenance - Bosch 53518 Operating/Safety Instructions Manual

Bosch power tools instruction manual planer 53514, 53518
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BM 2610917139 11-03
4. If you anticipate long periods (i.e. a month
or more) of non-use of your tool, it is best to
run your tool down until it is fully discharged
before storing your battery pack. After a long
period of storage, the capacity at first
recharge will be lower. Normal capacity will be
restored in two or three charge/discharge
cycles. Remember to unplug charger during
storage period.
5. If battery does not charge properly:
a. Check for voltage at outlet by
plugging in some other electrical device.
b. Check to see if outlet is connected to
PARTS INSIDE. Preventive
maintenance performed by unauthorized
personnel may result in misplacing of
internal wires and components which
could cause serious hazard. We recom-
mend that all tool service be performed by a
Bosch Factory Service Center or Authorized
Bosch Service Station. SERVICEMEN:
Disconnect tool and/or charger from power
source before servicing.
Be alert for battery packs that are nearing
their end of life. If you notice decreased
tool performance or significantly shorter
running time between charges then it is time
to replace the battery pack. Failure to do so
can cause the tool to operate improperly or
damage the charger.
Long term battery storage should be in
the discharged state. Battery packs last
longer and re-charge better when they are
stored discharged. Remember to fully re-
charge battery packs before using after
prolonged storage.


Your Bosch tool has been properly lubricated
and is ready for use.
8:47 AM
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a light switch which turns power "off" when
lights are turned off.
c. Check battery pack terminals for dirt.
Clean with cotton swab and alcohol if
d. If you still do not get proper charging,
take or send tool, battery pack and charger
to your local Bosch Service Center. See
"Tools, Electric" in the Yellow Pages for
names and addresses.
Note: Use of chargers or battery packs not
sold by Bosch will void the warranty.


The motor in your tool has been engineered
for many hours of dependable service. To
maintain peak efficiency of the motor, we
recommend it be examined every six
months. Only a genuine Bosch replacement
motor specially designed for your tool should
be used.
charger from the power supply before
cleaning. The tool may be cleaned most
effectively with compressed dry air. Always
wear safety goggles when cleaning tools
with compressed air.
Ventilation openings and switch levers must
be kept clean and free of foreign matter. Do
not attempt to clean by inserting pointed
objects through opening.
plastic parts. Some of these are: gasoline,
carbon tetrachloride, chlorinated cleaning
detergents that contain ammonia.
To avoid accidents, always
disconnect the tool and/or
Certain cleaning agents
and solvents damage



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