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Cautions For Use; How To Clean The Cooker - Sharp KSH-206 Service Manual

Automatic rice cooker
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1. Keep clean the brim and bottom of inner pot, heater plate at all times to avoid sticking cooked rice, uncooked
rice grains, dust and dirt. Cooking performance may be made worse by such sticking rice grain and the like.
2. Do not use the damaged inner pot. It may cause in malfunction.
3. When warming operation is no longer required, please unplug the power cord.
4. Never push the cook switch when the inner pot with rice is not placed in, never insert any object into the switch.
It may cause a trouble.
5. After cooking is over and need to continue cooking, please wait for in order to allow about 10 minutes
thermostat resume to normal condition.
6. Take precautions against intensive vibration or impact from inadvertent handling while cooking is carried on,
which may cause malfunction of thermostat, thus the finish of cooked rice may be made worse.
7. Do not immerse the set in water or sprinkling water on the heater plate.
8. In case the power cord is broken, it must be replaced by manufacturer or appointed service providers or
equivalent professionals to avoid any damages. (Model : KSH-206)
In case the power cord is broken, it must be replaced with specialized power cord or the standard power cord
made by manufacturer or appointed service providers. (Model : KSH-211, KSH-215, KSH-218, KSH-222,
9. Disconnect the plug from the wall outlet every time after use.
10. Do not use the cooker on a wet floor, under direct sunlight or near the gas stove.
11. While cooking, do not put the rice cooker on or near combustible materials such as curtains or vinyl carpets.
12. During or immediately after cooking, the areas near the steam vent hole are kept at high temperature.
Do not touch those areas to avoid burns.
13. Never connect the plug with your wet hand as it may be dangerous from electric leakage.
14. Do not use any other inner pot except the provided one.
15. Keep the rice cooker out of the children's reach, especially when cooking rice.
16. Never share the wall outlet with other appliances.
17. Do not opening the upper lid when during boiling because touched hot steam.
18. Insert the plug into the wall outlet firmly and when disconnecting, hold the plug and pull it out without touching
the power cord.
19. Do not use the inner pot with other heating appliances such as a gas stove. The inner pot may be transformed
and it may cause poor cooking result.
20. Do not leave the plastic spoon in the rice cooker while cooking or warming.
21. Do not disassemble or repair the cooker by yourself, it may cause troubles such as a fire of electric shock.
Consult your nearest dealer.
Always unplug and let the rice cooker cool down before cleaning.
1. Heater plate.
Use the damp fine sandpaper to clean the dirty area and wipe out with sponge or damp cloth, then wipe again
with the dry cloth to remove the humidity.
2. Inner pot / upper lid.
Soak inner pot and upper lid in lukewarm water and wash with sponge, washing detergent or liquid detergent
and then wipe with dry cloth.
3. Outer pot.
Wash with sponge and wipe with cloth to dry it. Do not use any harsh cleanser or outer pot as it could crack the




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