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What Happens In Each Cycle - Whirlpool lA56OOXT Use & Care Manual

Large capacity two speed automatic washers
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3. Select
cycle and wash time
Start the washer
Push in the Cycle Control Knob and
turn it clockwise.
Stop when the indicator on the knob's
outer ring points to the number in the
wash cycle you want. The numbers
are minutes of wash time.
Start the washer by pulling out the
Cycle Control Knob. The washer will
fill to the selected water level with the
selected wash water temperature.
After filling, the washer will agitate,for
the selected number of minutes.
To stop the washer at any time,
push in the Cycle Control Knob. To
restart the washer, pull out the
Cycle Control Knob.
What happens in each cycle
Each cycle has different agitation and
spin speeds designed for different kinds
of fabrics.
Numbers on the dial in each cycle are
the minutes of wash agitation time.
When the Cycle Control Knob is set
to a number and pulled out, the washer
fills before agitation and timing starts.
After agitation starts, the knob turns
clockwise until it points to OFF and the
cycle ends.
The washer will pause briefly
throughout each cycle. These pauses
are normal. They allow for the reversing
of the motor, normal washer operation
and the cool-down portion of the
PRESS Cycle.
NOTE: You may hear the sound of
water spraying during the spin parts of
some cycles. In some cycles, water is
sprayed on the spinning load to help
with the rinsing.
Gentle Wash System
For better fabric care in the REGULAR
PRESS Cyc!es, the
agitation speed is reduced during the
last few minutes of wash agitation time.



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