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Operating Instructions; Starting Your Washer - Whirlpool lA56OOXT Use & Care Manual

Large capacity two speed automatic washers
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Operating Instructions
The drawings in this book may vary slightly from your washer model. They are
designed to show the different features of all the models covered by this book.
NOTE: Your model may not include all the features shown.
Starting your washer
Be sure lo measure and add detergent, then place a sorted load in the washer before
starting it.
1. Select
a load size
Turn the knob to point at a setting that
describes the size of load you want
to wash.
The knob can be set on or between
EX SMALL (a few small items) and
LARGE (a full load).
NOTE: For best washing results, items
should move freely in the washer. Do
not overload the washer or choose a
water level that is too low for your
wash load.
For best results with permanent
press clothes, use the LARGE water
Reduce wash time when using EX
SMALL or SMALL water level settings.
Loads with only a few small items need
less wash time for best results.
2. Select
water temperature
Match the water temperature to the
type of fabric and soils being washed.
The top temperature
is the wash
selection and the bottom temperature
is the rinse selection.
NOTE: Use warm wash water with
GENTLE Cycles.
For heavily soiled permanent press
or knit clothes, pre-wash or pre-soak
before washing in warm water.
ALWAYS use cold rinse Water for
permanent press fabrics.



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