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Liquid Bleach Dispenser; Magic Clean@ Lint Filter; Manual Clean Lint Filter - Whirlpool lA56OOXT Use & Care Manual

Large capacity two speed automatic washers
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lint filter
lint filter
Liquid bleach dispenser
Always measure bleach. Do not guess.
Never use more than 1 cup (250 mL) for
a full load. Use less with lower water
level settings. Follow directions on
bottle for safe use. Use a cup with a
pouring spout to avoid spilling.
Load the washer first.
2. Pour measured bleach carefully into
dispenser. Do not let bleach splash,
drip or run down into washer basket.
Undiluted bleach will damage any
fabric it touches.
3. Start the washer. Bleach will be
diluted automatically
during the
wash part of the cycle.
MAGIC CLEAN@ lint filter
(all models except LA6300XT)
The lint filter at the bottom of Ihe
washer basket cleans itself. During agi-
tation, wash and rinse water pass over
the filter, separating lint from water.
The collecled particles of lint are then
continuously spun away from the filter
and washed out of the system al the
end of the wash cycle.
If your washer drains into a tub,
remove any lint collected in the tub
or strainer.
Manual clean lint filter
(model lA6300XT)
Clean the filter at the bottom of the
agitator after every load for the best
filtering results.
To clean:
Lift off the agitator barrel.
2. Wash or wipe the filter clean in the
bottom of the agitator barrel. The
filter is not removable.
3. Replace the agitator barrel and snap
it into place.



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