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Using Laundry Product Dispensers; Add He Detergent; Liquid Chlorine Bleach To Dispenser - Whirlpool Cabrio Use & Care Manual

Top-loading high ef"ciency low-water washer
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Using Laundry Product Dispensers

NOTE: Do not add single-dose laundry packets, color-safe
bleach, or fabric softener crystals to dispensers. They will not
dispense correctly. Add to the basket prior to adding laundry.

Add HE detergent

HE removable
detergent tray
Add a measured amount of HE
detergent into detergent tray. This
tray holds 3 oz. (89 mL). If adding
powder HE detergent remove inside tray. Do not over ll
tray - adding too much detergent may cause detergent to be
dispensed into the washer too early.
NOTE: Make sure tray is in drawer when using liquid detergent
and removed when using powder detergent and do not go over
the Max line.
IMPORTANT: Use only High Ef ciency detergents. The
package will be marked "HE" or "High Ef ciency." Low-water
washing creates excessive sudsing with a regular non-HE
detergent. Using regular detergent will likely result in longer
cycle times and reduced rinsing performance. It may also
result in component failures and noticeable mold or mildew.
HE detergents are made to produce the right amount of
suds for the best performance. Follow the manufacturer's
instructions to determine the amount of detergent to use.
HELPFUL TIP: See "Washer Maintenance" for information
on recommended method of cleaning washer dispenser trays.
Add liquid chlorine bleach
to dispenser
Chlorine Bleach
Do not over ll, dilute, or use more than 1 cup (250 mL).
Do not use color-safe bleach or Oxi products in the same
cycle with liquid chlorine bleach.
Add liquid fabric softener or
Oxi to dispenser
Fabric softener tray
Oxi tray
Pour a measured amount of liquid fabric softener or
Oxi-type boosters, into tray; always follow manufacturer's
directions for correct amount of fabric softener or Oxi based
on your load size. Close dispenser drawer, then select Oxi
option. Oxi is added during main wash and Fabric Softener is
added during rinse.
IMPORTANT: Oxi option must be selected to ensure proper
distribution at correct time in cycle. Do not over ll or dilute.
Over lling dispenser will cause fabric softener to immediately
dispense into washer.
If Extra Rinse option is selected, fabric softener will be
dispensed into the last rinse.
It is normal for a small amount of water to remain in the
dispenser at the end of a cycle.

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