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Chapter 3. Troubleshooting - Lenovo Ultra Secure Memory Key User Manual

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Chapter 3. Troubleshooting

This section contains troubleshooting information for the Lenovo Ultra Secure memory key. When you
encounter any of the following problems when using the memory key, refer to the corresponding
Q: What can I do if I forget the password?
A: The memory key administrator feature enables you to have up to 10 attempts to enter the correct
password. If all 10 attempts fail, the Question window shows to confirm whether to reset the memory
key to factory settings. If not, you can remove the memory key from your computer and reinsert it to
receive another 10 password attempts.
Attention: If the memory key is reset to factory settings, all data stored on the memory key will be
Q: How do I know the version of KeyLock I am using?
A: Right-click UltraSecure Key, and then click open. Right-click KeyLock, and then click Properties →
Q: How do I upgrade KeyLock to the newest version?
A: Download the upgrade utility file to your desktop from the Web site:
support/, and then you can upgrade KeyLock following the instructions in the file.
Q: Are there public zones on my memory key?
A: No. The memory key is totally secured after setting.
Q: Can I use the memory key with KeyLock in User mode?
A: Yes.
Q: How do I create a file larger than 4 GB on a 8 GB or larger memory key?
A: There is a limitation of FAT32 file system in the Windows operating systems. Restore it to NTFS file
system by doing the following with Administrator privilege:
v If you are using Microsoft Windows XP operating system, do the following:
1. Log in the memory key.
2. Click Start, and then click Run.
3. Type "convert x: /fs:ntfs", where x is the drive letter of your Removable Disk drive.
For detailed instructions, refer to the Web site:
v If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, do the following:
1. Log in the memory key.
2. Do as follows:
a. Click Start → My computer.
b. Right-click Removable Disk, and then click Format.
c. In the Format the Removable Disk window, select NTFS in the File System checkbox.
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