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Whirlpool ET18XM Use & Care Manual page 12

No-frost refrigerator-freezer
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Freezlng Vegetables
- Freeze only fresh high-
quality vegetables
picked when barely mature.
For best results, freeze no more than 2 to 3 hours
after picking. Wash in cold water, sort and cut into
sizes. Blanch or scald. Pack in recom-
mended container and freeze.
Do not freeze
potatoes or fresh tomatoes. All will become limp or
mushy. Tomatoes will collapse when thawed.
Freezlng Cooked Food-Prepare
cooked foods
as you would for the table; shorten cooking time 10
to 15 minutes to allow for additional
cooking dur-
ing reheating. Omit seasonings and part of the liq-
uid. Plan to add them at reheating time. Potatoes
should also be added to soup and stew at heating
time. Add crumb and cheese toppings at heating
Cool as rapidly as possible and freeze at once.
Liquid or semi-liquid
dishes may be frozen in rec-
with head-space.
seroles and other more solid foods may be frozen
in the baking container. If you don't want to leave
your casserole dish in the freezer, line it with foil.
Bake, cool, freeze, lift out the foil package,
bag it
and return to freezer.
Freezlng Meats - The meat you thaw can only
3e as good as the meat you freeze. "Drugstore"
Nrap in meal-size packages.
Flat cuts or patties
should be wrapped
or in layers sepa-
oted by a double thickness of freezer wrap.
Make sure store wrappings
are moisture and
lapor proof. If not, re-wrap meats with one of the
Nraps recommended
under "Packaging:
Freezlng Baked Goods-
Wrap baked breads in
Thaw in wrapping.
Unbaked yeast breads can be frozen after the first
rising. Punch down, wrap and freeze.
Bake cookies as usual. Cool and freeze on trays,
then pack in recommended
freezer bags or car-
tons. Unbaked cookies may be dropped, molded
or rolled and frozen on cookietrays. Store in bag or
carton; bake without thawing.
cookies can be wrapped
and frozen in roll form.
Thaw only enough to slice when ready to bake.
Fruit pies are best frozen unbaked. Bake without
Bake pecan
and similar pies before fillings do not freeze solid. Cut steam
vents in top crusts when ready to bake.



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