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Removlng The Door Shelf Fronts; Adjusting The Door Bins; Adjusting The Door Bin Glides - Whirlpool ED22PF Use And Care Manual

No-frost refrigerator-freezer


Table of Contents
the door shelf fronts
Remove the door shelf fronts for easier
To remove shelf fronts:
1. Remove all items from the shelf.
2. Pull out on the inside tab at each end of
the shelf front.
3. Pull shelf front straight out.
To replace shelf fronts:
1. Line up each end of the shelf front with
the button on the door liner wall.
2. Push shelf front straight back until it
snaps securely into place.
3. Replace items on the shelf.
the door bins
To remove door bins:
1. Lift bin up.
2. Pull bin straight out.
To replace door bins:
1. Slide bin in above desired support button.
2. Push down until it stops.
the door bin glides
Use the bin/shelf glides to secure odd-
shaped items or to separate other items.
1. Grasp glide.
2. Slide glide along bin/track.
NOTE: Shelf glides cannot be removed.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents