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Whirlpool ED22PR Use & Care Manual

No-frost refrigerator-freezer


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Model ED22PR
i ..,,_
!ezers Ice Makers
BullI-In Ovens and Suriace Umls. Ranges. Microwave
Ovens. Trash Compactors
Room Au Cand~lmners
Washers. Clothes Dryers. Freezers. F


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Summary of Contents for Whirlpool ED22PR

  • Page 1 NO-FROST REFRIGERATOR- FREEZER Model ED22PR ,‘V ‘<*:,,p. i ..,,_ ‘52. !ezers Ice Makers Dishwashers. BullI-In Ovens and Suriace Umls. Ranges. Microwave Ovens. Trash Compactors Room Au Cand~lmners Dehumldlllers. Automaltc Washers. Clothes Dryers. Freezers. F...
  • Page 2 Copy this information in these spaces. Keep ’ this book, your warranty and sales slip together in a handy place. Thank you for purchasing a Whirlpool prod- uct. Please complete and mail the Owner Registration Card with this product. your Model Number Seria’...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Freezing and Storing Frozen Foods . . VACATION AND MOVING CARE ... IF YOU NEED SERVICE OR ASSISTANCE. WHIRLPOOL REFRIGERATOR WARRANTY ... 01988 Whirlpool Corporation is not near an oven, radiator source. is properly maintained. is out of the weather.
  • Page 4: Install Properly

    Install properly... 1. Allow Y2 inch (1.25 cm) space on each side and at the top of the refrigerator for ease of installation. 2. If the refrigerator is to be against a wall, you might want to leave extra space so the door can be opened wider.
  • Page 5: Using Your Refrigerator

    Using your refrigerator AIR CONTROL AIR OUTLET Setting the controls... The Temperature Control is in the refrigerator and the Air Control is in the freezer section. When the refrigerator is plugged in for the first time... i@ ,g5 1. Set the TEMPERA- 2.
  • Page 6: Adjusting Meat Drawer Temperature

    Adjusting meat drawer temperature... Cold air flows against the meat drawer an opening between the freezer and the refrigera- tor. This helps keep the meat drawer the rest of the refrigerator. Set the control to let more or less cold air through. Adjusting the refrigerator Shelves can be adjusted to match the way you use...
  • Page 7: Removing The Freezer Bin

    Removing freezer shelves... Lift front slightly. 2. Lift back off supports. 3. Replace in reverse order. Changing the light bulbs... /PULL OUT AT THE BOnOti Removing the base grille... To remove the grille: To remove the grille: 1. Open the doors. 2.
  • Page 8: Ice Dispenser

    Ice dispenser... FOR ICE: Press a sturdy glass against the,ice dispenser bar. (Pressure and tumbling ice can break a fragile glass.] Remove the glass to stop dispensing. The first few batches of ice from the ice maker may have a bad taste. Throw them away. This is from new plumbing and parts.
  • Page 9 TIPS The ice dispenser will work only with the freezer door closed. The ice dispenser will work only if the bin is pushed all the way in. Use only ice crescents from the ice maker. Other shapes won’t dispense properly. When you need more ice than a glass or two, scoop it from the bin or remove the bin.
  • Page 10: Sounds You May Hear

    Sounds you may hear... Your new refrigerator Because the sounds are new to you, you might be concerned Don’t be. Most of the new sounds are normal. Hard surfaces like the floor, walls and cabinets can make the sounds seem louder. The following chart describes the kinds of sounds that might be new to you, and what may be making them.
  • Page 11: Cleaning Chart

    Cleaning chart... aj~~--~.M.~m.-.-es... i SW ,.aer .-Ju_1J ti-2S-~*.,l_~~~~~~ Part What to use -~.~-,1yI:ngI(livh_,~--.-- Removable parts (shelves, Sponge or cloth; mild crisper, meat drawer, detergent storage bin, etc.) water. lm--BWmW ..1... i am1 ~“~L~OnBEPB.~~,.~*~,“~~-~~- Outside Sponge, cloth or paper towel; mild detergent; appliance good auto paste wax].
  • Page 12: Food Storage Guide

    Food storage guide STORING FRESH FOOD There is a right to package refrigerated or frozen foods. To keep foods fresher, longer, take the time to study these recommended steps. Leafy Vegetables...Remove store wrapping and trim or tear off bruised and discolored Wash in cold water and drain.
  • Page 13: Freezing And Storing Frozen Foods

    FREEZING & STORING FROZEN FOODS The freezer section is designed for storage commercially frozen foods and for freezing at home. Packaging -The secret of successful in the packaging. The wrap you use must be air, moisture and vapor proof. The way you close and seal the package must not allow air, moisture...
  • Page 14 Ffeezing Vegetables - Freeze only fresh high- quality vegetables picked when barely mature. For best results, freeze no more than 2 to 3 hours after picking. Wash in cold water, sort and cut into appropriate sizes. Blanch or scald. Pack in recom- mended container and freeze.
  • Page 15 IMPORTANT: Do not expect yourfreezerto freeze any large quantity of food. Put no more unfrozen food into the freezer than within 24 hours. (No more than 2 to 3 pounds food per cubic foot of freezer space.) enough space for air to circulate around ages.
  • Page 16: Vacation And Moving Care

    Vacation Short vacations... No need to shut off the refrigerator if you will be away for less than four weeks. Use up perishables; freeze other items. 1. Turn off your ice maker. 2. Shut off the water supply to the ice maker. 3.
  • Page 17: If You Need Service Or Assistance

    It also has a same exacting specifications Whirlpool appliance. require To locate FSP replacement Step 3 above or call the Whirlpool assistance number in Step 2. must call or write, number, serial number, date of purchase, plete description of the problem.
  • Page 18 Notes...
  • Page 19 Notes...
  • Page 20: Whirlpool Refrigerator

    C. Pick up and delivery. This product D. Damage to refrigerator caused by accident, products not approved by Whirlpool. E. Any labor costs during limited warranty. F. Any food loss due to product failure. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL...

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