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JVC FS-P550 Schematic Diagrams

Compact component system
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Block diagram
Standard schematic diagrams
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CD-ROM No.SML200405
2004 Victor Company of Japan, Limited.
Area suffix
C ------------------------- Canada
2-9 to 11



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  Summary of Contents for JVC FS-P550

  • Page 1 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAMS COMPACT COMPONENT SYSTEM FS-P550 CD-ROM No.SML200405 Area suffix C ------------------------- Canada SP-UXP550 CA-FSP550 SP-UXP550 Contents Block diagram Standard schematic diagrams 2-9 to 11 Printed circuit boards No.MB229SCH COPYRIGHT 2004 Victor Company of Japan, Limited. 2004/5...
  • Page 2 In regard with component parts appearing on the silk-screen printed side (parts side) of the PWB diagrams, the parts that are printed over with black such as the resistor ( ), diode ( ) and ICP ( ) or identified by the " " mark nearby are critical for safety.
  • Page 3 Block diagram DVD servo / DVD system control section Source selector switch / Video driver / Video out Primary section component section System control / Multiregulator section A,B,C,D,E,F,RF+,LPC1,LPC2 D1001 to D1004 Y/CV-OUT LPCO1 EXDAT0 to 15 S1,S2,S3 D1005 to D1008 Cb/B-OUT LPCO2 COMPONENT...
  • Page 4 Standard schematic diagrams Primary with mains transformer section (SHEET 2) CN104 QGB2510J1-10 CN104 QGB2510J1-10 0.1/50 C1009 0.1/50 C1005 0.1/50 C1001 0.1/50 0.1/50 C1009 C1005 C1001 0.1/50 D1009 D1005 6A10E2 6A10E2 D1001 D1005 D1009 D1001 1N5401-TM 6A10E2 6A10E2 1N5401-TM 1N5401-TM 6A10E2 D1011 6A10E2 D1007...
  • Page 5 Audio output / External input / DVD motor section IC411 LA4628 IC421 LA4628 1000p C4217 C4117 C4204 C4104 2SC3576-JVC-T Q4221 R4221 2.2K 2SC3576-JVC-T C4109 C4209 Q4222 0.022 0.022 2.2K R4222 Q4121 C4231 C4232 2SC3576-JVC-T R4121 10/25 10/25 KTA1046/Y/ 2.2K KRA109M-T...
  • Page 6 Multiregulator / LPF / PHYTHM AX section (SHEET 2) (SHEET 7) IC250 GP1FA553TZ CN200 CN220 J200 QGF1016F3-19 QNN0420-001 C2005 QGB2510J1-11 QQR0797-002 D2401 L2080 B2081 C2105 K2204 NQR0339-001X D2411 K2202 NQR0339-001X K2206 NQR0339-001X 1N4003S-T5 D2404 IC241 IC240 PQ05RD21 KIA7810API B2082 B2083 W200 KTC3199/GL/-T KTA1046/Y/...
  • Page 7 Source selector switch / LCD display / System control / Users key control section S700 QNS0089-001 CN700 QSW0454-001 J700 QGF1205C1-11 2SA1037AK/RS/-X Q7360 D7330 MTZJ6.2C-T2 QLD0312-001 DI750 Q7361 IC706 BU1924F-X RDATA SEG32 SEG31 R7500 SEG30 130K SEG29 DVDMUTE R7501 SEG28 DVDMUTE U2SDT D7162 C7500...
  • Page 8 Video driver / Video out component section QNN0601-001 JA301 R3006 IC301 B3017 QUY150-050Y MM1623XF-X L3001 R3007 C3031 0.01/16 MUTE1 B3000 R3008 Y/C-MIX R3021 1/6.3 C3010 R3022 JA302 QNN0434-001 R3023 C3020 22/16 C3007 R3024 R3009 C3014 470/6.3 VIDEO-LPF C3021 470/6.3 R3025 1/6.3 C3011 R3010...
  • Page 9 DVD servo and DVD system control section (1/2) (SHEET 7) D3.3V IC302 D3.3V LM1117MP-ADJ-X P3.3V C373 C374 C375 C376 C372 P3.3V R310 D1.2V 0.47 C306 0.1/16 R311 0.1/16 C359 DGND MDQ9 EXDAT8 MDQ5 DGND MDQ10 TP325 CN101 S3.3V MDQ4 C101 QGF0523F1-24W TP324 0.1/16...
  • Page 10 DVD servo and DVD system control section (2/2) R716 PCMCLK R719 IC704 IC705 R717 R720 (SHEET 6) S3.3V D3.3V P3.3V C712 C714 R701 R702 K4S641632F-TC75 IC505 22/6.3 DGND C553 IC701 C551 AK4384VT-X 0.1/16 MDQ0 MDQ15 R710 C558 MDQ1 0.1/16 MDQ14 R711 MDQ2 MDQ13...
  • Page 11 Printed circuit boards Main board Video board (Main board) R7183 CN700 R7083 R7340 PP300 R7330 D7353 R7341 CN711 C7103 R7178 JA302 CN300 C7360 R7202 R7102 D3002 R7203 R7103 R2012 R2112 R7177 C3022 R7282 D3001 CN701 X7360 R7204 R7104 K7340 R7173 CN702 D3000 IC706...
  • Page 12 Power board (Power amplifier board) (Power supply board) C4218 C4217 C4118 C4117 R4234 IC421 IC411 C4105 C4205 C4103 R4233 C4204 R4106 R4232 R4231 C4213 R4105 C4232 C4214 C4231 C4108 Q4231 Q4232 C4212 R4204 R4108 R4202 R4103 C4209 C4112 Q4233 C4211 Q4234 C4111 R4203...
  • Page 13 DVD servo board Forward side R558 R557 R555 R556 C559 R554 C558 C552 C555 TP71 TP53 TP64 K555 TP77 TP52 TP63 TP73 R724 R502 TP55 R748 TP51 K721 IC703 R720 R712 R340 R719 R342 R710 IC505 IC509 R357 IC701 R358 R530 C212 C715...
  • Page 14 Victor Company of Japan, Limited AV & MULTIMEDIA COMPANY AUDIO/VIDEO SYSTEMS CATEGORY 10-1,1chome,Ohwatari-machi,Maebashi-city,371-8543,Japan Printed in Japan (No.MB229SCH)

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