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JVC FS-P550 Instructions For Use Manual

Compact component system
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—Consists of CA-FSP550 and SP-UXP550
—Composé CA-FSP550 et SP-UXP550



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  • Page 2 Warnings, Cautions and Others Mises en garde, précautions et indications diverses CAUTION—STANDBY/ON button! CAUTION Disconnect the mains plug to shut the power off RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK completely (all lamps and indications go off). The DO NOT OPEN STANDBY/ON button in any position does not disconnect the mains line.
  • Page 3 For U.S.A. For Canada/pour le Canada This equipment has been tested and found to CAUTION: TO PREVENT ELECTRIC SHOCK, comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, MATCH WIDE BLADE OF PLUG TO WIDE SLOT, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits FULLY INSERT.
  • Page 4 1 CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT 2 CAUTION: Do not open the top cover. There are no user serviceable parts inside the Unit; leave all servicing to qualified service personnel. 3 CAUTION: Visible and invisible laser radiation when open and interlock failed or defeated. Avoid direct exposure to beam.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction ................2 Precautions ................2 How to Read This Manual............2 Getting Started ..............3 Step 1: Unpack ...............3 Step 2: Prepare the Remote Control ........3 Step 3: Hook Up ..............4 Changing the Scanning Mode ..........6 Before Operating the System..........7 Playable Disc Types ...............7 Display Indicators..............8 Daily Operations—Playback ..........
  • Page 6: Introduction

    Introduction Precautions How to Read This Manual Installation To make this manual as simple and easy-to-understand as possible, we have adapted the following methods: • Install in a place which is level, dry and neither too hot nor • Button and control operations are explained as listed in the too cold—between 5°C and 35°C (41°F and 95°F).
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    Getting Started Step : Unpack Step 1 :Unpack the package and check the accessories. After unpacking, check to be sure that you have all the following items. The number in parentheses indicates the quantity of each piece supplied. • FM antenna (1) •...
  • Page 8: Step 3: Hook Up

    Step : Hook Up If you need more detailed information, see page 6. Before connecting optical digital cord Illustrations of the input/output terminals below are Remove the protective cap from the DVD typical examples. OPTICAL DIGITAL OUT terminal. When you connect other components, refer also to their manuals since the terminal names actually printed on the rear may vary.
  • Page 9 For better FM/AM reception AM loop antenna Keep it connected. Outdoor FM antenna Vinyl-covered wire (not supplied) (not supplied) Extend it horizontally. Disconnect the supplied FM antenna, and connect to an outdoor FM antenna using a 75 Ω wire with coaxial type connector. FM antenna (supplied) AM loop antenna (supplied) Extend it so that you can...
  • Page 10: Changing The Scanning Mode

    AV COMPU LINK remote control system terminals, connecting cords and power cord. Also, keep the This system allows you to use JVC’s TV with simple antennas away from metallic parts of the System, operations; by starting playing back a disc, the TV connecting cords, and the AC power cord.
  • Page 11: Before Operating The System

    Before Operating the System DVD Video—digital audio formats Playable Disc Types The System can play back the following digital audio This unit has been designed to play back the following discs: formats. • Linear PCM: Uncompressed digital audio, the same Region Video format used for CDs and most studio masters.
  • Page 12: Display Indicators

    Display Indicators The indications on the display teach you a lot of things while you are operating the System. Before operating the System, be familiar with when and how the indicator illuminates on the display. SLEEP MONO ST MP3 WMA 3DPHONIC RANDOM PRGM BONUS...
  • Page 13 Indications on the main display while operating a disc While playing back a disc: While disc play is stopped: • DVD Video: • DVD Video: Current chapter no. Elapsed playing time Total title no. • By pressing DISPLAY, you can show the current title and chapter numbers for a few seconds.
  • Page 14: Daily Operations-Playback

    Daily Operations —Playback In this manual, the operation using the remote control is mainly explained; however, you can use the buttons and controls on the main unit if they have the same (or similar) name and marks. 10 keys Turn on the power. The STANDBY/ON lamp on the main unit lights in ENTER green.
  • Page 15: Listening To The Radio

    Activate the preset number entry mode. Listening to the Radio To select the band (FM or AM) • Finish the following process while the indication on the display is flashing. Select a preset number for the station you store. Examples: AUDIO SUB TITLE ANGLE...
  • Page 16: Playing Back A Disc

    Playing Back a Disc On-screen guide icons • During DVD Video playback, the following icons may Before operating a disc, be familiar how a disc is recorded. appear on the TV: • DVD Video comprises of “Titles” which includes “Chapters,” DVD Audio/MP3/WMA/JPEG comprise of At the beginning of a scene containing multi- “Groups”...
  • Page 17 Remote 7 For SVCD/VCD with PBC: To locate an item directly ONLY While playing a disc with PBC, “PBC” appears on the You can select a title/chapter/track directly and start display. playback. When disc menu appears on the TV, select an item on the •...
  • Page 18: Daily Operations-Sound & Other Adjustments

    Daily Operations —Sound & Other Adjustments Adjusting the Volume Remote control You can adjust the volume level from level 0 (VOL MIN) to level 50 (VOL MAX). Remote control: Main unit: DVD LEVEL VOLUME SLEEP A.STANDBY CLOCK/ VOLUME TIMER Remote ONLY To drop the volume in a moment ENTER...
  • Page 19: Presetting Automatic Dvd Video Sound Increase Level

    To select a preset picture tone Presetting Automatic DVD Video Sound While playing, display VFP setting screen. Remote Increase Level ONLY NORMAL GAMMA The DVD Video sound is sometimes recorded at a lower BRIGHTNESS level than for other discs and sources. You can set the CONTRAST increase level for the currently loaded DVD Video, so you SATURATION...
  • Page 20: Setting The Clock

    Adjust the parameter. Turning Off the Power Remote ENTER Automatically ONLY To turn off the unit after playback is over—Auto Standby SLEEP Repeat steps 2 to 3 to adjust other parameters. A.STANDBY To erase the screen, press VFP again while holding SHIFT. Canceled Remote Setting the Clock...
  • Page 21: Unique Dvd/Vcd Operations

    Unique DVD/VCD Operations Selecting the View Angle Remote ONLY Remote control While playing back a chapter (of DVD Video) containing multi-view angles, you can view the same scene from different angles. • You can also select the multi-view angles using the on- SUB TITLE screen bar (see page 23).
  • Page 22: Selecting The Audio Track

    Select the subtitle language. While playing a DVD Video... Ex.: ENGLISH FRENCH JAPANESE Ex.: ENGLISH FRENCH JAPANESE ENGLISH FRENCH JAPANESE While playing a DVD Audio... ENGLISH FRENCH JAPANESE Ex.: While playing an SVCD video... While playing a Karaoke SVCD or VCD... SUB TITLE SVCD AUDIO...
  • Page 23: Special Effect Playback

    Enter the key number. Select slow motion speed. AUDIO SUB TITLE ANGLE – SLOW SLOW Forward slow motion starts. ENTER ZOOM DVD LEVEL FM MODE Reverse slow motion* starts. PROGRESSIVE SLOW 1/32 1/16 Follow the interactive instructions shown on the screen.
  • Page 24: Advanced Disc Operations

    Advanced Disc Operations Programming the Playing Order— Remote control Remote Program Play ONLY You can arrange the playing order of the chapters or tracks (up to 99) before you start playback. Before starting playback, activate Program Play. 10 keys PLAY MODE PROGRAM RANDOM...
  • Page 25: Playing At Random-Random Play

    Start playback. Remote Playing at Random—Random Play ONLY Playback starts in the order you You can play all chapters or tracks at random. DVD/CD have programmed. • Random Play cannot be used for some DVDs. Before starting playback, activate Random Play. PLAY To skip a step: To pause:...
  • Page 26: Playing Repeatedly

    A-B Repeat Playing Repeatedly Remote ONLY You can repeat playback of a desired portion by specifying • You can also select the repeat mode using the on-screen the beginning (point A) and the ending (point B). bar (see page 24). •...
  • Page 27: On-Screen Disc Operations

    On-Screen Disc Operations On-screen Bar Information Remote control You can check the disc information (except for MP3/WMA/ JPEG disc) and use some functions through the on-screen bar. ZOOM 10 keys 1 Disc type 2 Playback information Indication Meanings ENTER Mbps Current transfer rate ON SCREEN CANCEL...
  • Page 28: Operations Using The On-Screen Bar

    Remote Operations Using the On-screen Bar ONLY For detailed operations of the following functions, see also “Operations Using the On-screen Bar” on the left. Ex.: Selecting a subtitle (French) for DVD Video While a disc is selected as the source... To change the time information You can change the time information in the on-screen bar Display the on-screen bar with the pull-down menu.
  • Page 29 Time Search 4 Select the repeat mode you want. You can move to a particular point by specifying the elapsed Repeats a desired portion (see below). playing time from the beginning. TITLE Repeats the current title. 1 While playing (without PBC for SVCD/VCD), display GROUP Repeats the current group.
  • Page 30: Selecting Browsable Still Pictures

    4 Enter the desired chapter/track number. Remote Operations on t he CONTROL Screen ONLY Examples: AUDIO SUB TITLE ANGLE The CONTROL screen automatically appears on the TV To select chapter/track 5, press when you load an MP3, WMA, or JPEG disc. ZOOM DVD LEVEL You can search for and play the desired tracks through the...
  • Page 31 To move the highlight (green) bar between group list and To repeat slide-show for JPEG track list: While playing or before starting playback... REPEAT A-B Moves the bar to the track REPEAT REP GRP REP ALL list. REP OFF (Canceled) Moves the bar to the group list.
  • Page 32: Timer Operations

    Timer Operations Setting the Timer Remote ONLY Remote control Using Daily Timer, you can wake up with your favorite music. You can store three Daily Timer settings; however, you can activate only one of the timers at a time. • To exit from the timer setting, press CLOCK/TIMER as STANDBY/ON required.
  • Page 33 2 Set the hour then the minute for off-time. To turn on or off the Timer 3 Select the playback source—“TUNER FM,” Since Daily Timer is activated at the same time everyday, “TUNER AM,” “DISC,” or “AUX.” you may need to cancel it on some particular days. Select the Timer you want to activate (or select “DLY OFF”...
  • Page 34: Setup Menu Operations

    Setup Menu Operations Operating Procedure Remote ONLY Remote control You can use the Setup Menus only when a disc is selected as the source and its playback is not yet started. Ex.: Selecting “STILL PICTURE” for “FILE TYPE”: Display the Setup Menu. LANGUAGE 10 keys MENU...
  • Page 35 SUBTITLE Finish the setting. ENTER Some discs have multiple subtitle languages. Select from—ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH, CHINESE, GERMAN, ITALIAN, JAPANESE, AA – ZU (see “Language Code List” on page 36) or “OFF (no subtitle).” Repeat steps 3 to 4 to set other items on the same ON SCREEN LANGUAGE Setup Menu.
  • Page 36 PICTURE SOURCE AUDIO Setup Menu You can obtain optimal picture quality by selecting an You can adjust the sound settings of the System. appropriate option—picture source type (either video source or film source). AUDIO DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT STREAM/PCM Select one of the following: DOWN MIX DOLBY SURROUND AUTO...
  • Page 37 To cancel the on-screen guide icons. range. Best for watching a movie at a low volume level. AV COMPULINK MODE When connecting the System to a JVC’s TV with the AV COMPU LINK remote control system, select the proper OTHERS Setup Menu setting.
  • Page 38: Restricting The Review-Parental Lock

    Select “COUNTRY CODE,” then display the pop-up Restricting the Review window. Remote —Parental Lock ONLY PARENTAL LOCK ENTER COUNTRY CODE SET LEVEL You can restrict playback of DVD Video containing violent _ _ _ _ PASSWORD EXIT scenes and those unsuitable for your family members. Once you have set the rating level, such violent scenes (for which SELECT TO SELECT.
  • Page 39 To change the setting To release Parental Lock temporarily When you set a strict rating level, some discs may not be Display the PARENTAL LOCK submenu. played back at all. When you try to play such a disc, the • Follow steps 1 to 4 of “To set Parental Lock.” following screen appears on the TV.
  • Page 40: Language Code List

    Language Code List Javanese Slovenian Afar Georgian Samoan Abkhazian Kazakh Shona Afrikaans Greenlandic Somali Ameharic Cambodian Albanian Arabic Kannada Serbian Assamese Korean (KOR) Siswati Aymara Kashmiri Sesotho Azerbaijani Kurdish Sundanese Bashkir Kirghiz Swedish Byelorussian Latin Swahili Bulgarian Lingala Tamil Bihari Laothian Telugu Bislama...
  • Page 41: Country/Area Codes List

    Country/Area Codes List √ Denmark Jordan Andorra Dominica Japan United Arab Emirates Dominican Republic Kenya Afghanistan Algeria Kyrgyzstan Antigua and Barbuda Ecuador Cambodia Anguilla Estonia Kiribati Albania Egypt Comoros Armenia Western Sahara Saint Kitts and Nevis Netherlands Antilles Eritrea Korea, Democratic People’s Angola Republic of Spain...
  • Page 42: Dvd Optical Digital Out Signals

    Nepal Sweden Trinidad and Tobago Nauru Singapore Tuvalu Niue Saint Helena Taiwan New Zealand Slovenia Tanzania, United Republic of Oman Svalbard and Jan Mayen Ukraine Panama Slovakia Uganda Peru Sierra Leone United States Minor Outlying Islands French Polynesia San Marino United States Papua New Guinea Senegal...
  • Page 43: Additional Information

    Additional Information Daily Operations—Sound & Other Adjustments Learning More about This System (see pages 14 to 16) Daily Operations—Playback (see pages 10 to 13) Adjusting the Volume: Listening to the Radio: • Be sure to turn down the volume before connecting or putting the headphones.
  • Page 44: Maintenance

    Timer Operations (see pages 28 to 29) Maintenance • When you unplug the AC power cord or if a power failure occurs, the timer will be canceled. You need to set the clock To get the best performance of the System, keep your discs first, then the timer again.
  • Page 45: Troubleshooting

    MP3/WMA or JPEG tracks are not played back. Troubleshooting The inserted disc may include both type of tracks (MP3/ WMA files and JPEG files). In this case, you can only play If you are having a problem with your System, check this list back the files selected by the “FILE TYPE”...
  • Page 46: Specifications

    Specifications Parts Index Amplifier section Refer to the pages to see how to use the buttons and controls. Output Power: HIGH: 40 W (20 W + 20 W) at 4 Ω (10% THD) 80 W Remote control LOW: 40 W (20 W + 20 W) at 4 Ω (10% THD) Audio Input AUX: 400 mV/50 kΩ...