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The Storage Drawer - Whirlpool FGS385V Care Manual

Whirlpool range fgs385v, fgs395v use and care guide
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Hot air and moisture escape from the
oven through a vent located under the
backguard. The vent is needed for air
circulation. Do not block the vent. Poor
baking will result.
The storage
Replacing the storage drawer:
The storage drawer is for storing pots
and pans. The drawer can be removed to
make it easier to clean under the range,
and to check for installation
of the anti-
tip bracket(s). Use care when handling
the drawer.
Ball bearings
Removing the storage drawer:
1. Empty drawer of any pots and
pans before removing drawer. Pull
drawer straight out to the stop.
2. Push up black plastic lever on both
sides of drawer.
Burn Hazard
When the oven is ON, pans and pan
handles left near the oven vent can
become hot enough to burn the
user and to melt plastics. Use
potholders to move pans. Never
store plastics, paper or other items
that could melt or bum near the
oven vent, or any of the surface
3. Pull drawer out a little farther until
levers stay in "up" position. Pull
drawer the rest of the way out.
1. Make sure ball bearings on oven
slide rail are positioned toward
the front of the opening.
2. Fit ends of drawer slide rails into
the oven slide rails on both sides
of opening.
3. Slide drawer closed.
To verify that the anti-tip
bracket(s) is engaged:
. Remove storage drawer.
. Look to see if the anti-tip bracket(s)
is attached to floor with screws.
. Make sure rear leveling leg(s) is
positioned under bracket(s).
. See "Important Safety Instructions"
on page 2 and Installation
for further details.
NOTE: The range will not tip during
normal use. Tipping can occur if
excessive force or weight is applied to
open door without anti-tip bracket(s)
properly secured.
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