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Parts And Features - Whirlpool FGS385V Care Manual

Whirlpool range fgs385v, fgs395v use and care guide
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15. Grease is flammable and should
20. Always position oven racks in
28. Be sure all range parts are cool
be handled carefully. Let fat cool
desired location while oven is
before cleaning.
before attempting to handle it. DO
29. DO NOT clean door seal. It is
NOT allow grease to collect
21. DO NOT store flammable
essential for a good seal. Care
around cooktop or in vents. Wipe
materials on or near the range.
should be taken not to rub,
spill-overs immediately.
They could explode or burn.
damage, or move the seal. Clean
16. DO NOT use water on grease
22. DO NOT store things children
only parts recommended in this
fires. Never pick up a flaming pan.
might want above the range.
Use and Care Guide.
Smother flaming pan on range by
Children could be burned or
30. DO NOT use oven cleaners. No
covering with a well-fitted
injured while climbing on it.
commercial oven cleaner or oven
cookie sheet or flat tray. Flaming
23. DO NOT leave children alone or
liner protective coating of any
grease outside of pan can be
unattended in area where the
kind should be used in or around
with baking soda or,
range is in use. They should never
any part of the oven.
if available, a multipurpose dry
31. Before self-cleaning the oven,
chemical or foam-type
be allowed to sit or stand on any
part of the range. They could be
remove broiler pan, broiler grid,
burned or injured.
oven racks and other utensils. Do
17. Never leave surface burners
24. NEVER use a match or other flame
not use your oven to clean
unattended at high heat settings.
A boil-over could result and cause
to look for a gas leak. Explosion
miscellaneous parts.
and injury could result.
32. DO NOT repair or replace any
smoking and greasy spill-overs
that may ignite.
25. Know where your main gas shut
part of the range unless
off valve is located.
specifically recommended in this
18. Make sure surface burners are off
manual. All other servicing
when you are finished, and when
26. Keep range vents unobstructed.
27. Clean your range regularly. See
should be referred to a qualified
you aren't watching.
19. Use care when opening oven door.
care and cleaning instructions
this manual.
33. Disconnect the electrical supply
Let hot air or steam escape before
before servicing the range.
removing or replacing food.
Parts & Features
Models FGS385V & FGS395V (shown)
Oven vent \
Surface burners -I
Surface burner
grates +
Electronic oven control
Storage drawer
Model and serial
number plate
(under cooktop)
1 Control panel
Oven rack guide
Oven burner
(not shown)
Window (Model FGS395V
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