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Whirlpool FGS385V Care Manual page 15

Whirlpool range fgs385v, fgs395v use and care guide
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Control knob(s) will not
If the Self-Cleaning cycle
will not operate.
. You pushed in knob(s) before trying to
. The clock shows the right time of day.
. The Lock Lever is all the way to the
. You have set a delay start time.
. Push in knob(s) before turning.
1 Reset clock, if necessary.
. Slide Lock Lever all the way to the right, if
Cooking results aren't what
. Flame size fits the cooking utensil
. Adjust flame size to fit cooking utensil.
you expected.
being used.
1 Pans are the size called for in the
1 Use correct-size pans.
. You are following a tested recipe from
a reliable source.
1 Modify recipe or find a new recipe.
.The cooking utensils have smooth, flat
bottoms and fit the surface burners.
1 When baking, you have preheated the
oven as the recipe calls for.
1 When baking, you have allowed 1 l/2
to 2 inches (4-5 cm) on all sides of the
pans for air circulation.
. When broiling, you have completely
closed the oven door. The broiler
. Use cooking utensils with smooth, flat bot-
. Preheat the oven according to recipe's
1 Reposition pans for best air circulation.
. Completely close oven door.
provides best cooking results with the
oven door closed.
The oven temperature
seems too low or too high.
mYour old oven was accurate. Your old
oven may have shifted gradually while
your new oven may be more exact.
1 If, after using the oven, you are not satisfied
with the temperature settings, they can be
adjusted by an authorized RoperSM service
technician. (See "How to get service or
assistance" on page 16.)
If there has been a power
interruption, the display
will flash "88:88".
1 Reset the clock, (page 5).
"E" followed by a number
from 1 to 8 shows in the
small display.
. Call for service. (See "How to get service or
assistance" on page 16.)
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Table of Contents

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