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Convection Cooking; Convection Baking And Roasting - Whirlpool RBD277 Use And Care Manual

Built-in electric convection oven
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Convection Cooking

(on some models)
In a convection oven, the fan-circulated hot air continually
distributes heat more evenly than the natural movement of air in a
standard thermal oven. This movement of hot air helps maintain a
consistent temperature throughout the oven, cooking foods more
evenly, crisping surfaces while sealing in moisture and yielding
crustier breads.
Most foods can be cooked by lowering cooking temperatures
25°F to 50°F (14°C to 28°C), and cooking time can be shortened
by as much as 30 percent, especially for large turkeys and roasts.
It is important not to cover foods with lids or aluminum foil so
that surface areas remain exposed to the circulating air,
allowing browning and crisping.
Keep heat loss to a minimum by opening the oven door only
when necessary.
Choose cookie sheets without sides and roasting pans with
lower sides to allow air to move freely around the food.
Test baked goods for doneness a few minutes before the
minimum cooking time with an alternative method such as
using a toothpick.
Burn Hazard
Use an oven mitt to remove temperature probe.
Do not touch broil element.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in burns.
Use a meat thermometer or the temperature probe (on some
models) to determine the doneness of meats and poultry.

Convection Baking and Roasting

A. Broil element
B. Convection fan
C. Bake element
During convection baking or roasting, the bake and broil
elements cycle on and off in intervals to maintain the oven
temperature, while the fan constantly circulates the hot air.
If the oven door is opened during convection baking or roasting,
the bake and broil elements and fan will turn off immediately.
They will come back on once the door is closed.
For optimal cooking results, do not use aluminum foil.
Reduce recipe temperature 25°F (14°C). The cook time may
need to be reduced also.
To Convection Bake or Roast:
Before convection baking or roasting, position the racks
according to the "Positioning Racks and Bakeware" section.
When using two racks, place them on rack positions 2 and 4.
For best results, it is recommended you use a roasting rack when
roasting using Convect Bake. This allows air to circulate
completely around all surfaces of the food. If you would to
purchase a Broiler Pan/Roasting Rack Kit, it may be ordered. See
"Assistance or Service" section to order. Ask for Part Number
Close oven door. The display will show "door" and the
heating elements will not heat if the door is open when baking
and roasting.
Press the TEMP "+" or "-" keypads to enter a temperature
other than 325°F (165°C). The bake range can be set between
170°F and 500°F (75°C and 260°C).

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Table of Contents

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