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Makita BFT042F Technical Information
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Models No.
Model BFT042F has been developed as a sister model of BFT040F,
featuring rotational speed higher than the current model:
BFT042F/1,200 min
Voltage: V
Capacity: Ah
Charging time: min.
Max output: W
No load speed: rpm= min
Torque range:
N.m (in.lbs)
Driving shank: mm (")
Electric brake
Torque adjustment
Soft start
Reverse switch
LED Job light
Net weight: kg (lbs)
*1 with 2.0Ah battery BH1220C, *2 with 3.3Ah battery BH1233C
tandard equipment
No, but the following item(s) will be supplied with the machine if required:
Torque adjust tool
ptional accessories
Battery BH1220C
Battery BH1233C
Fast charger DC18RA
Charger DC24SA
Charger DC24SC
Auto refresh adapter ADP03
Cordless Screwdriver 12V
, BFT040F/950 min
Hard joint
Soft joint
(for North America only)
(for all countries except North America)
Length (L)
Width (W)
Height (H)
2.0/ 3.3
15/ 22
with DC18RA
1 - 4 (8.9 - 35)
1 - 3.5 (8.9 - 30)
Hex 6.35 (1/4)
/ 1.7*
/ 3.7*
Protectors (red/ blue/ yellow/ clear)
Torque adjust tool
Grip base (for Grip 37)
Grip 37 (Side grip)
Dimensions: mm (")
200 (7-7/8)
71 (2-13/16)
with BH1220C
242 (9-1/2)
with BH1233C
251 (9-7/8)
P 1/13



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Summary of Contents for Makita BFT042F

  • Page 1 Models No. BFT042F Description Cordless Screwdriver 12V ONCEPTION AND MAIN APPLICATIONS Model BFT042F has been developed as a sister model of BFT040F, featuring rotational speed higher than the current model: BFT042F/1,200 min , BFT040F/950 min Dimensions: mm (") Length (L)
  • Page 2 Apply the following lubricants to protect parts and product from unusual abrasion (Fig. 1): Sealing lubricant No.101 to the portions designated with the gray triangle Makita grease N. No.2 to the portions designated with the black triangle Apply ThreeBond 1303 or Loctite 603 to the portions designated with the black arrow. (Fig. 1) LUBRICATION Item No.
  • Page 3 P 3/13 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3] -1. Bit Holder Section DISASSEMBLING Bit holder section can be disassembled from Spindle M Fig. 2 as illustrated in Fig. 2 by removing Ring spring 10 Steel ball 3 (2 pcs) from the groove of Spindle M using 1R291 or the like. Ring spring 10 Flat washer 11 Sleeve...
  • Page 4 P 4/13 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3] -2. Spindle Section DISASSEMBLING 6) Remove Ring spring 11 using 1R004. (Fig. 8) 7) Remove Ball bearing 6801LLB using 1R269. (Fig. 9) 8) Remove the other Ball bearing 6801LLB together with Ring 12 using 1R269. (Fig. 10) Fig.
  • Page 5 P 5/13 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3] -2. Spindle Section (cont.) ASSEMBLING 2) Make sure that Compression spring 5 is located in place in Clutch section before assembling Clutch section and Clutch case to Housing. (Fig. 5 on page 3) 3) Assemble Clutch section and Clutch case to Housing by screwing four M4x22 (+) Pan head screws. (Fig. 4 on page 3) Then put the Lead wires of Switch unit and LED Job light in place as illustrated in Fig.
  • Page 6 P 6/13 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3] -3. Clutch Section (cont.) DISASSEMBLING 5) Insert short leg of hex wrench 6 into the hole of Spindle, and fix long leg of the hex wrench securely in vise. Insert No.T25 Torx wrench of L type Torx wrench set (1R145) into the socket of Torx countersunk head screw M5x10.
  • Page 7 P 7/13 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3] -4. Motor and Gear Section DISASSEMBLING 1) Remove Bit holder section, Switch lever, Clutch case and Clutch section (=Clutch assembly D) from Housing. (Figs. 2, 3, 4 on page 3) 2) After removing Brush holder cap and Carbon brush, remove Housing (L) from Housing (R) by unscrewing eight M3x20 Pan head screws.
  • Page 8 (3 pcs) ASSEMBLING 1) Apply Makita grease N No.2 to teeth portions of all Gears and all Shaft pins portion of the Carrier complete A and Spur gear 20 complete. (Fig. 1 on page 2) 2) Assemble Gear section as illustrated in Figs. 24, 25.
  • Page 9 P 9/13 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3] -4. Motor and Gear Section (cont.) ASSEMBLING 3) Assemble Motor section. (Fig. 22 on page 8) Fig. 26 Assemble Motor section and Gear section together while Note: turning Motor bracket in the direction of the arrow. Ribs to hold Switch unit must face Then install Switch unit on Gear case, and connect Lead the top side of the machine.
  • Page 10 P 10/13 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3] -5. Switch Section DISASSEMBLING After removing F/R change lever, unscrew the screw that fastens Fig. 27 Micro switch to Reverse switch. Micro switch can now be removed by pulling in the direction of F/R change lever the gray arrow while turning it counterclockwise.
  • Page 11 P 11/13 ircuit diagram Fig. D-1 Color index of lead wires' sheath Black Orange White Blue Purple Yellow Gray Micro Switch Switch section Protective tube COM NO (heat-shrink tube) Connector Switch unit Connector Controller Reverse DC Motor switch (Endbell) circuit Indicator lamp Connector is built in this...
  • Page 12 P 12/13 iring diagram 1) Wiring in Housing (R) Fig. D-2 [Routing Lead wires (black, red) of Endbell complete] Endbell complete Controller Black wire: Route beside the right side of the LED cover portion of Controller, then connect to No. M2 terminal of Switch section.
  • Page 13 P 13/13 iring diagram 3) Wiring on the Outside of Housing Fig. D-3 Wiring of Lead wires (yellow, purple) that connect Switch unit with Controller (These Lead wires are covered with a protective tube, and designated by "Wire yp" in the illustrations below.) Switch unit Switch unit Wire yp...