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Siemens ACUSON S Series Cleaning Manual page 2

Ultrasound system


Cleaning the System
To clean the ultrasound system, use a clean gauze pad or lint-free cloth, lightly
moistened with a mild detergent, to wipe the surface of the ultrasound system to ensure
areas are free of gel and any other visible residue.
▪ Gently wipe the glass surfaces, for example, the touch screen and monitor.
▪ Take particular care to clean the areas near the trackball, touchpad, soft keys, rotary
knobs, and the slide controls.
▪ Ensure that fluids do not seep into any openings on the ultrasound system, for
example, the seams on the control panel, the keyboard, or a DVD slot.
Disinfecting the System
To disinfect the ultrasound system, use an approved disinfectant wipe to disinfect the
ultrasound system and accessories. Follow the disinfectant manufacturer's instructions.
See also: For a list of additional disinfectant wipes and detailed instructions for cleaning
the trackball assembly, transducer holders, gel warmer, and transducer ports, refer to
the Instructions for Use for your ultrasound system.
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