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  • Page 1 Setup and Maintenance...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Unpacking and Assembly ........4 Installing the SpectroProofer ........8 Connecting the Cables .
  • Page 3: Introduction

    SpectroProofer can automate virtually any color management process in your workflow. Note: The ILS30EP-based Follow the instructions in this guide to install the SpectroProofer on your SpectroProofer is printer. This guide also provides maintenance and troubleshooting backwards compatible with information. Once you’ve set up the SpectroProofer, follow the instructions ®...
  • Page 4: Setting Up The Spectroproofer

    Setting Up the SpectroProofer Follow the steps in this section to install the SpectroProofer in your printer. Setting Up the Before using the SpectroProofer for the first time, you must also initialize it SpectroProofer as described on page 16. Unpacking and Assembly...
  • Page 5 Setting Up the SpectroProofer 1. Remove any tape and protective material from the outside surface of the SpectroProofer. 2. Remove any tape from the paper presser, shown below. Raise the paper presser and remove its packing material. Note: The 44" model is shown.
  • Page 6 Setting Up the SpectroProofer 4. Remove the packing material from the cables on the carriage. 5. Slide the carriage to the left and then remove its plastic retainer. Note: Save the retainer along with other packing materials. 6. Slide the carriage back to the right, then lower the paper presser.
  • Page 7 Setting Up the SpectroProofer 7. Slide the carriage against the paper presser to lock it in place. 8. Insert the spectrophotometer into the carriage so it clicks into place and then insert the two alignment pins. Caution: Make sure the alignment...
  • Page 8: Installing The Spectroproofer

    Installing the SpectroProofer Before installing the SpectroProofer, make sure the printer has the latest firmware installed. Follow the instructions for updating the firmware in your Setup Guide. 1. Turn off the printer and unplug it from the AC outlet.
  • Page 9 Setting Up the SpectroProofer 3. Using the included bolts and hex wrench, install the mounting rails in the two locations shown below. 4. Select whether you want to use the white or black backing plate(s). Note: The backing plates provide...
  • Page 10 Setting Up the SpectroProofer For the 44" model, attach the first backing plate on the right side of the printer, then attach the second backing plate to its left. Make sure the plates hook together as shown. Ensure that both plates rest flush against the printer and don’t move when you try to slide them.
  • Page 11 Make sure the holder is attached correctly, otherwise the spectrophotometer will jam. 7. Install the SpectroProofer in the printer by sliding it onto the mounting rails. Warning: The SpectroProofer is heavy. Two people are required to lift it.
  • Page 12: Connecting The Cables

    Setting Up the SpectroProofer Connecting the Cables The 44" SpectroProofer has a secondary USB port that can be used to connect the optional Auto Take-up Reel (available for the Epson SureColor P8000/P9000 only). The 24" SpectroProofer does not have this port.
  • Page 13 Setting Up the SpectroProofer 3. Route the cable(s) through the channels and over the hook as shown. Then close the cover. Warning: Make sure the cables are routed properly. Improper routing of the cables can restrict the spectrophotometer movement and cause errors.
  • Page 14 Setting Up the SpectroProofer 5. Plug the USB-A end of the SpectroProofer’s USB cable into the option port on the back of the printer. 6. Plug the included power cord into the socket on the left side of the SpectroProofer.
  • Page 15 Place the power cord in the hook, and snap the hook closed. 8. Plug the power cord into a grounded electrical outlet and then plug the printer back into its AC outlet. Make sure the SpectroProofer’s green status light comes on.
  • Page 16: Aligning The Spectroproofer

    Setting Up the SpectroProofer Aligning the SpectroProofer The SpectroProofer must be aligned before you use it for the first time. You only need to perform this procedure once. You don’t need to repeat the alignment if you remove and re-install the SpectroProofer.
  • Page 17: Maintenance And Problem Solving

    This chapter also tells you Solving how to respond to error messages and how to contact Epson for help. Removing the SpectroProofer If you need to remove the SpectroProofer for cleaning, follow these steps.
  • Page 18 Maintenance and Problem Solving 3. Open the cover on the right side of the SpectroProofer and disconnect Note: The 24" model has only the cable(s). one cable. The 44" model may have a second cable connected to the port for the optional take-up reel.
  • Page 19: Cleaning The Spectroproofer

    Maintenance and Problem Solving 7. Remove the spectrophotometer from the carriage. Cleaning the SpectroProofer You may need to clean the SpectroProofer if you notice unusual color readings. Check the following parts and clean them if necessary: backing plates • calibration tile •...
  • Page 20 Maintenance and Problem Solving 2. Use a can of compressed air designed for optical equipment to clean the Caution: spectrophotometer lens. Do not touch the lens directly, or you could scratch its coating. Use only compressed air designed for cleaning optics;...
  • Page 21 Maintenance and Problem Solving 5. Remove the backing plate(s) from the printer. 6. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean any dust or dirt from the surface of the calibration tile and backing plate(s). If necessary, dampen the cloth with water to clean the surface. Then use another cloth to wipe it dry.
  • Page 22 Maintenance and Problem Solving 8. Clean the paper presser using a soft, lint-free cloth dampened with a mild detergent. Then use another cloth to wipe it dry. 9. Lower the paper presser, then slide the carriage against it to lock it in place.
  • Page 23: Error Messages

    Note: If the SpectroProofer isn’t operating correctly, check If a problem occurs with the SpectroProofer, you may see a message on the the Backing Color setting printer’s LCD screen. Check the following list for an explanation and in the printer’s menus. If...
  • Page 24 Make sure your operating environment meets the specifications (see page 26). • The environmental conditions are not correct. If the error appears again, contact Epson as described on page 25. SpectroProofer Error The carriage is not working Turn the printer off, then remove the correctly because: SpectroProofer.
  • Page 25: Recertification

    If maintained properly, your Epson SpectroProofer is expected to perform within specifications for the rated life of the product. The SpectroProofer’s life counter can be accessed by printing a status sheet from the printer’s control panel (see your User’s Guide for details).
  • Page 26: Specifications

    Storage (packed): 5 to 85% without condensation Storage (unpacked): 5 to 85% without condensation Quality range Temperature: 68 to 78.8°F (20 to 26°C) Humidity: 35 to 65% Weight 44" SpectroProofer: (without Approx. 29.8 lb. (13.5 Kg) spectrophotometer) 24" SpectroProofer: Approx. 19.8 lb. (9.0 Kg) Dimensions 44"...
  • Page 27 5.5 V 1.0 A (for ILS30EP) Rated frequency range 50 to 60 Hz Input frequency range 49.5 to 60.5 Hz Rated current 44" SpectroProofer: 0.3 A/100 V 24" SpectroProofer: 0.25 A/100 V Power consumption 44" SpectroProofer: Approx. 10.5 W Approx. 5.0 W in Ready Mode Approx.
  • Page 28: Notices

    Notices Important Safety Instructions Notices Read all of these instructions before using your product. Also be sure to follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product. • Do not block or cover the openings in the product’s cabinet. • Do not insert objects through the slots.
  • Page 29: Warranty

    “Limited Warranty for Commercial Products.” Should you have a question or experience a problem with your Product, simply call the exclusive Epson Preferred toll-free number and select the technical support option as described in this booklet. Please have your serial number available for the technical support specialist.
  • Page 30 Epson’s shipment of service parts does not imply that replacement is required. D. Product Exchange: Epson may, at its sole discretion, elect to replace a product or parts that for whatever reason are diagnosed as defective. Under these circumstances, Epson will replace the product with the same or a comparable product refurbished to the Epson standard of quality.
  • Page 31 Notices E. What This Warranty Does Not Cover: This warranty does not cover damage to the Epson product caused by parts or supplies not manufactured, distributed or certified by Epson. Consumables, supplies, accessories, other expendable items such as rollers or pads, and items identified as being replaceable by the user in the User’s Guide/documentation, are not covered...
  • Page 32 TO YOU. H. Disputes, Arbitration, Governing Laws: 1. Both you and Epson agree that any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to Epson products or services or this agreement, shall be resolved by arbitration on an individual, non-class, non-representative basis, rather than in court. The arbitration shall be governed by...
  • Page 33 4. Venue: Except for claims subject to arbitration pursuant to Section H, in the event of a dispute you and Epson both consent to the jurisdiction of your state of residence or, if none, then of the courts in Los Angeles County, California.
  • Page 34 (excluding the U.S.) failure to strictly comply with Seiko Epson Corporation’s operating and maintenance instructions. Seiko Epson Corporation shall not be liable for any damages or problems arising from the use of any options or any consumable products other than those designated as Original Epson Products or Epson Approved Products by Seiko Epson Corporation.

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