Care And Cleaning - Electrolux EDH 97941 W User Manual

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46 electrolux
increases the dryness of the dried laundry ade-
quately to the selected level:
• Max - maximum
• Med - medium
• Min - minimum
this option helps to achieve satisfying result of
drying (inactive with some programmes)
Buzzer (Zoemer)
audible confirmation of:
• cycle end
• anti-crease phase start and end
• cycle interruption
• error
Delay (Startuitstel)
allows to delay the start of a drying pro-
gramme: 3 or 6 or 9 hours
1. select the drying programme and additional
drying options
2. press the
Delay (Startuitstel) button re-
peatedly until the desired delay start is
3. to activate the delay timer, press the Start/
Pause button
Starting the programme
Press the Start/Pause button.
Changing programme
To change a programme which has been
selected by mistake once the programme
has started, first turn the programme selec-
tor to
off and then set the programme


Cleaning fluff filters
The filters collect all the fluff which accumu-
lates during drying. To ensure that the dryer
works perfectly, the fluff filters (fine filters
and fluff filters) must be cleaned after each
drying cycle.
Caution! Never operate the dryer
without fluff filters or with damaged or
blocked fluff filters.
Drying cycle complete / removing
Once the drying cycle is complete, the LED
End/Anti-crease is on as well as warning
clean fluff filters and
reservoir. If the Buzzer (Zoemer) button has
been pressed, an acoustic signal sounds
intermittently for about one minute. Remove
the laundry:
1. Open door.
2. Remove visible fluff from the fluff filters.
It is best to use a damp hand for this
purpose. (see chapter: Care and clean-
3. Remove laundry.
4. Turn the programme selector to
Important! after each drying cycle:
- clean the fluff filters
- drain the water reservoir
(see chapter: Care and cleaning)
5. Close the door.
The drying cycles are automatically fol-
lowed by an anti-crease phase which
lasts around 30 minutes. The drum ro-
tates at intervals during this phase to
protect the laundry from creases. The
laundry can be removed at any time
during the anti-crease phase.
full water


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents