Moving Drives To The New Chassis - Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS HX2000 Replacement Manual

Replacing the chassis
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1. If you are not already grounded, properly ground yourself.
2. Loosen the hook and loop strap binding the cables to the cable management device, and then unplug the
system cables and SFPs (if needed) from the controller module, keeping track of where the cables were
Leave the cables in the cable management device so that when you reinstall the cable management
device, the cables are organized.
3. Remove and set aside the cable management devices from the left and right sides of the controller
4. Squeeze the latch on the cam handle until it releases, open the cam handle fully to release the controller
module from the midplane, and then, using two hands, pull the controller module out of the chassis.
5. Set the controller module aside in a safe place, and repeat these steps if you have another controller
module in the chassis.

Moving drives to the new chassis

You need to move the drives from each bay opening in the old chassis to the same bay opening in the new
1. Gently remove the bezel from the front of the system.
2. Remove the drives:
a) Press the release button at the top of the carrier face below the LEDs.
b) Pull the cam handle to its fully open position to unseat the drive from the midplane, and then gently
slide the drive out of the chassis.
The drive should disengage from the chassis, allowing it to slide free of the chassis.
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