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Running System-Level Diagnostics - Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS HX2000 Replacement Manual

Replacing the chassis
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The value for HA-state can be one of the following:
• ha
• mcc
• mcc-2n
• non-ha
b) Confirm that the setting has changed: ha-config show
3. If you have not already done so, recable the rest of your system.
4. The next step depends on your system configuration.
If your system is in...
A stand-alone configuration
An HA pair with a second controller module

Running system-level diagnostics

After installing a new chassis, you should run interconnect diagnostics.
Before you begin
Your system must be at the LOADER prompt to start System Level Diagnostics.
About this task
All commands in the diagnostic procedures are issued from the node where the component is being replaced.
1. If the node to be serviced is not at the LOADER prompt, perform the following steps:
a) Select the Maintenance mode option from the displayed menu.
b) After the node boots to Maintenance mode, halt the node: halt
After you issue the command, you should wait until the system stops at the LOADER prompt.
Important: During the boot process, you can safely respond y to prompts:
2. Repeat the previous step on the second node if you are in an HA configuration.
Note: Both controllers must be in Maintenance mode to run the interconnect test.
3. At the LOADER prompt, access the special drivers specifically designed for system-level diagnostics to
function properly: boot_diags
During the boot process, you can safely respond y to the prompts until the Maintenance mode prompt
(*>) appears.
4. Enable the interconnect diagnostics tests from the Maintenance mode prompt: sldiag device
modify -dev interconnect -sel enable
The interconnect tests are disabled by default and must be enabled to run separately.
5. Run the interconnect diagnostics test from the Maintenance mode prompt: sldiag device run -
dev interconnect
You only need to run the interconnect test from one controller.
6. Verify that no hardware problems resulted from the replacement of the chassis: sldiag device
status -dev interconnect -long -state failed
a. Exit Maintenance mode: halt
b. Go to
"Completing the replacement
Exit Maintenance mode: halt
The LOADER prompt appears.
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