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Cisco MAS-7513-FAN Replacement Instructions Manual page 6

Blower module assembly
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Troubleshooting Blower Operation
Troubleshooting Blower Operation
If you suspect your blower has failed, check the following to help isolate the problem:
6 Cisco 7513 Blower Module Assembly Replacement Instructions
When you start up the system, does the blower go on?
To determine whether the blower is operating, listen for the blower motor. In noisy environments,
place your hand next to the front of the chassis to feel for air being forced out the exhaust vent.
— If yes, the +24 VDC line to the blower is good, but there might be a problem with the
— If no, there is a problem with the blower or the +24 VDC power. If the output fail LED is on,
there could be a problem with the +24VDC supply to the blower either at the power supply
or the blower control board.
— If no and the output fail LED is off, ensure that the blower module is seated properly. Refer
to the section "Removing and Replacing the Blower Module" to remove and reseat the
blower module.Try starting the system again.
Do the system and blower start up, but shut down after about two minutes?
— If you have changed the software configuration register boot field settings or altered the
configuration file boot instructions, the system could be booting a software image that does
not recognize the signals from the blower control board (and therefore assumes that the
cooling subsystem is not operating).
— The following message, if displayed, indicates that the blower has failed or is operating out
of tolerance.
%ENVM-2-FAN: Fan has failed, shutdown in 2 minutes
If the blower or the blower control board fails, you must replace the blower module
— The following message, if displayed, indicates that the system has detected an
overtemperature condition or out-of-tolerance power inside the chassis.
Queued messages:
%ENVM-1-SHUTDOWN: Environmental Monitor initiated shutdown
If an environmental shutdown results from an out-of-tolerance power condition, the output
fail LED will go on before the system shuts down.
Although an overtemperature condition is unlikely at initial startup, ensure that heated
exhaust air from other equipment is not entering the inlet vents, and that there is sufficient
clearance around the sides of the chassis to allow cooling air to flow. Refer to the section
"Site Environment" on page 4 for preventive site configurations.
The preceding message could also indicate a faulty component or temperature sensor. Before
the system shuts down, refer to the section "show environment Commands" and use the
show environment or show environment table commands to display the internal chassis



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