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Cisco MAS-7513-FAN Replacement Instructions Manual page 5

Blower module assembly
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Table 1 lists the operating and nonoperating environmental site requirements. To maintain normal
operation and ensure high system availability, maintain an ambient temperature and clean power at
your site. The following ranges are those within which the router will continue to operate; however,
a measurement that is approaching the minimum or maximum of a range indicates a potential
problem. You can maintain normal operation by anticipating and correcting environmental
anomalies before they approach the maximum operating range.
Operating temperature range: 32 through 104F (0through 40C).
Operating humidity range: 10 to 90%, noncondensing.
Air flow: Cooling air is drawn in through the sides of the chassis. Keep both sides of the chassis
clear of obstructions, including dust, and away from the exhaust ports of other equipment.
Table 1
Temperature, ambient operating
Temperature, ambient nonoperating and storage
Humidity, ambient (noncondensing) operating
Humidity, ambient (noncondensing) nonoperating and storage 5%
Altitude, operating and nonoperating
Vibration, operating
Vibration, nonoperating
Blower Shutdown
When the system power is on, the blower must be operational. If the system detects that the blower
has failed or is failing, it will display a warning message on the console screen.
If the condition is not corrected within two minutes, the entire system will shut down to avoid an
overtemperature condition and shutdown. The system uses a Hall Effect signal to monitor the
The current to the blower and the magnetic field generated by the blower's rotation generates a
voltage, which the system monitors to determine whether or not the blower is operating. If the
monitored voltage signal drops below a specified value, the system assumes a blower failure and
initiates a shutdown.
In the following example, the system has detected an out-of-tolerance fan, which it interprets as a
fan failure. The failure message is displayed for two minutes before the system shuts down.
%ENVM-2-FAN: Blower has failed, shutdown in 2 minutes
If the system does shut down because of a blower failure, the system will display the following
message on the console screen and in the show environment display when the system restarts:
Queued messages:
%ENVM-1-SHUTDOWN: Environmental Monitor initiated shutdown
For complete command descriptions and instructions, refer to the Router Products Command
Reference publication.
Specifications for Operating and Nonoperating Environments
32F (0C)
-4F (-20C)
Sea level
5–200 Hz, 0.5 g (1 oct./min.)
5–200 Hz, 1 g (1 oct./min.)
200–500 Hz, 2 g (1 oct./min.)
Cisco 7513 Blower Module Assembly Replacement Instructions
Blower Shutdown
104F (40C)
149F (65C)
10,000' (3050 m)



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