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Cisco MAS-7513-FAN Replacement Instructions Manual page 10

Blower module assembly
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Removing and Replacing the Blower Module
not necessary to turn OFF system power before removing the blower module. However, with the
system power ON and the blower module removed, high current is exposed on the blower module
power connector at the backplane; do not insert conductive items into the empty blower module
opening. After an operating blower module is removed, the blower impeller blades will continue to
spin for approximately two minutes; do not insert anything into the module's vent holes while the
impeller is spinning.
through the system. Replace the blower module before the system overheats. The system will shut
down approximately two minutes after reaching the shutdown temperature threshold.
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Figure 4
Blower module
Step 4
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Step 6
This completes the blower module removal and replacement procedure.
10 Cisco 7513 Blower Module Assembly Replacement Instructions
Although the system should not be operating when you remove the blower module, it is
With chassis power ON and the blower module removed, no cooling air is circulating
Grasp the handle on the front of the module and slowly pull the blower module straight out
of the chassis. (See Figure 4.)
Removing and Replacing the Blower Module
Place the removed blower module in an antistatic bag for storage or return to the factory.
Hold the handle of the new module with either your right or left hand (as long as you use
both hands to handle the module) and with the intake vents on the blower module facing
down and the "Insert This Side Up" label facing up, insert the new blower module into the
chassis. Keep the module as straight as possible as you guide it into the chassis.
When the blower is all the way into the chassis opening, tighten the captive installation
screws on the front of the blower module.
Captive installation screws (2)



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