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Adjustments; Fan Pressostat (Air Condensing) - Whirlpool ICE CUBES MAKERS Series Manual

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Condenser water valve pressostat
- This pressostat controls high pressure by opening and closing the condenser water
valve. Differential is a fixed 1 Bar (14 psi.).
- The valve closes at 15 Bar (214 psi), which is equivalent to a condensation water
exit temperature of 38ºC. . Below this pressure it will be difficult to unstick the cubes during
the defrosting cycle.
- Above this pressure, compressor life and ice production are both reduced.
Pressure can be increased by turning the small screw on the pressostat clockwise. A full
turn is equivalent to about 1.5 Bar.
Fan pressostat ( air condensation)
Pressure Control operates on high pressure by starting and stopping fan. Differential
is a fixed (1 Bar or 14 psi.).
Cut-off pressure must be 15 Bar (214 psi). Low pressure values may cause difficulties
during harvest cycle. Higher pressure values may shorten compressor life and diminish ice
Pressure can be regulated by rotating screw on Pressure Control Valve (clockwise to
increase pressure). One full turn is aquivalent to about 1.5 Bar.