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Bosch Tronic ES 030 Series User And Installation Manual

Electrical water storage tank
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User and Installation manual
Electrical water storage tank
ES 030 | 050 | 080 | 100 | 120...



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  Summary of Contents for Bosch Tronic ES 030 Series

  • Page 1 User and Installation manual Electrical water storage tank Tronic ES 030 | 050 | 080 | 100 | 120... 6720816255-00.1V...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Index Index 8.1.4 Maintenance and repair ....14 Key to symbols and safety instructions ..3 Periodic maintenance work ... . 14 Key to symbols .
  • Page 3: Key To Symbols And Safety Instructions

    Key to symbols and safety instructions Important information Key to symbols and safety instructions This symbol indicates important information 1.1 Key to symbols where there is no risk to Warnings people or property. Additional symbols Warnings in this document are identified by a warning triangle printed against a Explanation grey background.
  • Page 4 Key to symbols and safety instructions Installation and conversion operation. ▶ Only permit an authorised service to ▶ The installation and operating install this appliance. instructions must be given to the user for keeping. ▶ Never obstruct the safety valve outlet. ▶...
  • Page 5: Technical Characteristics And Dimensions

    Using the appliance for any other purpose will be considered The inside of the tank is lined with homogeneous glass enamel, incorrect use. Bosch accepts no liability for any damage completely neutral with regards to compatibility and contact resulting from such use.
  • Page 6: Specification

    Technical Characteristics and dimensions Specification This appliance meets the requirements specified by the European Directives 2014/35/EC and 2014/30/EC. Technical characteristics General characteristics Capacity Weight (empty) 11,4 14,8 15,1 20,2 20,5 23,7 24,0 27,4 Weight (full) 64,8 65,1 100,2 100,5 123,7 124,0 127,4 Water details...
  • Page 7: Dimensions

    Technical Characteristics and dimensions Dimensions ØB 6720815708-01.1V Fig. 2 Dimensions in mm (Vertical installation) Appliance ES030... 100 to 280 ES050... 100 to 280 ES080... 100 to 280 ES100... 1019 100 to 280 ES120... 1182 100 to 280 Table 5 Tronic – 6 720 816 255 (2018/06)
  • Page 8: Appliance Layout

    Regulations 6720815708-03.1V Fig. 3 Dimensions in mm (Horizontal installation) Appliance ES050... ES080... ES100... Table 6 Appliance layout [6] Safety and control thermostat [7] Cold water inlet ½ ” male Electrical wiring diagram 220-240V~ 6720815708-04.1V L+N+PE Fig. 5 Electric circuit diagram Regulations 6720815708-02.1V The country’s regulations currently in force must be fulfilled for...
  • Page 9: Transport, Storage And Recycling Regulations

    Installation Transport, storage and recycling regulations ▶ Install the appliance near the most frequently used draw- off point to keep energy losses and waiting times to a • The equipment should be stored in protected areas against minimum. negative temperatures. ▶...
  • Page 10: Water Connection

    Installation Water connection NOTICE: Damage to appliance connections through contact corrosion! ▶ Use galvanized insulators in your water connections. These will avoid galvanic electric currents between the hydraulic link metals and, consequently corrosion of these. NOTICE: Material damage! ▶ Install a filter at the water inlet in areas where the water contains particles or sediments.
  • Page 11: Electrical Connections

    Installation ▶ Use the appropriate connection accessories to do the If the pressure at the cold water inlet is hydraulic connection to the appliance. superior to that of 80% of the maximum pressure of the appliance at, ie: 6,4 bar: ▶...
  • Page 12: Use

    Increasing the temperature ▶ Turn the temperature selector to the left. 6720815708-08.1V Fig. 12 Increase the temperature Decrease the temperature ▶ Turn the temperature selector to the right. 6720815708-07.1V Fig. 11 User interface [1] Indicator [2] Temperature selector CAUTION: The electrical connection must be done in accordance with the current domestic electrical compliance installation regulations.
  • Page 13: Environment / Disposal

    Manual activation of the safety valve Environment / disposal Environmental protection is a fundamental corporate strategy of the Bosch Group. The quality of our products, their efficiency and environmental safety are all of equal importance to us and all environmental protection legislation and regulations are strictly observed.
  • Page 14: Inspection/Maintenance

    Inspection/Maintenance (only for authorized technicians) Inspection/Maintenance (only for CAUTION: Damages to the glass enamel! Never clean the enamel interior of the authorized technicians) appliance with decalcifying agents. The magnesium anode ensures anti corrosion Maintenance must only be carried out by an protection.
  • Page 15: Periodic Cleaning

    Inspection/Maintenance (only for authorized technicians) ▶ Fill the appliance until the water comes out from all the hot water taps. ▶ Turn on the appliance to the electric current. Safety thermostat The appliance is equipped with an automatic safety thermostat. If for any reason the water temperature inside the appliance exceeds the safety limit, the switch will trigger and cut all electric current supplying the appliance, thus avoiding any accidents.
  • Page 16: Problems

    Problems Problems Problem/Cause/Solution In the following diagram there are some solutions described for DANGER: possible problems / troubleshooting (these should only be Assembly, maintenance and repairs should performed by authorized technicians). only be carried out by authorized technicians. Problem Cause Solution Plant or circuit breaker surcharge ▶...
  • Page 17 Notes Tronic – 6 720 816 255 (2018/06)
  • Page 18 Notes Tronic – 6 720 816 255 (2018/06)
  • Page 19 Notes Tronic – 6 720 816 255 (2018/06)
  • Page 20 Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH Junkersstrasse 20-24 D-73249 Wernau