Refrigerator Compartment; Freezer Compartment - Whirlpool WTH4714 A+M Instructions For Use Manual

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Moisture control
If the vegetable drawer is full, you can use the
humidity control located in front of the vegetable
drawer. Opening it lets you adjust the air and the
level of humidity inside the drawer.
If you see any condensation on the glass shelf, you
can open the sliding lever behind the shelf.
All the written and illustrated descriptions of
the accessories may vary depending on the
model of the appliance.


• Setting the refrigerator compartment to 2-3 will
be sufficient under normal circumstances.
• To reduce humidity and the consequent
increase in frost, never place liquids in open
containers in the refrigerator.
• Never put hot food in the refrigerator. Food
that is still hot must be allowed to cool to room


• Setting the freezer compartment to 2-3 will be sufficient
under normal circumstances.
• The freezer is used for storing frozen foods for a long
period of time and for making ice cubes.
• Do not put fresh and warm food into the freezer as it
will freeze. Use only for storing frozen foods.
• Do not put fresh or warm food into contact with frozen
food because this could cause the frozen food to thaw.
• Use the quick freezing shelf to freeze homemade food
(and foodstuffs you want to freeze) more quickly thanks
to the greater freezing capacity of the freezer
• When you want to freeze fresh food (e.g. meat, fish and
mincemeat), split it into portions to be used from time
to time.
• When freezing fresh food; the maximum quantity of
fresh food (in kg) that can be frozen in 24 hours is
shown on the product label.
• To have optimum appliance performance and to reach
the maximum freezing capacity, turn the freezer
thermostat knob to position max (5 or SF) 24 hours
before placing fresh food in the freezer.
• For saving energy, after 48 hours the thermostat setting
value will be adjusted at the preview position
IMPORTANT: the thermostat physical position not
change automatically.
temperature and must have adequate air
circulation in the refrigerator compartment.
• Arrange meat and cleaned fish (in closed
containers or wrapped in plastic sheets) that
will be consumed within 1-2 days.
• Fruit and vegetables can be put into the specific
compartment without being packaged.
• To freeze small amounts of food, it is not need to set the
freezer knob to position max.
• When storing frozen foods, it is important to follow
the instructions printed on the packaging of frozen foods
and, without these instructions, food should not be
stored for more than 3 months from the date of
• When buying frozen foods, make sure they have been
frozen at suitable temperatures and that the packaging is
• Frozen food must be transported in containers designed
to preserve its quality and should be put into the freezer
compartment of the refrigerator as soon as possible.
• If the packaging of the frozen food shows any signs of
moisture or abnormal swelling, it is likely that it has not
been previously been kept at a suitable temperature and
that its contents are impaired.
• The life of frozen foods depends on the ambient
temperature, thermostat setting, how often the door is
opened, the type of food and the time required to
transport the product from the shop to your home.
Always follow the instructions printed on the packaging
and never keep it beyond its expiration date.
Moisture control


Table of Contents

Table of Contents