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How To Connect The Power Terminals - Samsung AVR-M100FHAX Installation Manual

Base heater control kit
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How to connect the power terminals

Secure the base heater wires as shown in the figure.
When wiring the base heater control box, use wire
connectors with compression connection.
Perform wiring by using the designated cables and then
fix the cables not to apply external force.
When fastening the terminals, use the driver and wrench
to apply the rated torque.
Failure to tighten these connections properly may result
in a loose connection causing potential overheating ans
subsequent damage.
terminals up and down to make sure there is no lifting. Place
the slim wire up and the thick wire down. Fix the power cable by
using the cable ties.
Fastening Torque (N·m)
Single-phase 220 V power cable
Cable Tie
Slim Wire
Thick Wire
Wire Stripping Position
Protection Tube
3-phase 380 V power cable
When stripping the wire, be sure to use the dedicated tool
not to damage the inner sheath.
Have the outer sheath of the indoor unit's power and
Transmission wires inserted into the electrical system by
When wiring the communication cable, work separately
from the power and other cables.



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