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Safety Information - Samsung AVR-M100FHAX Installation Manual

Base heater control kit
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Safety Information

Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.
Before installation, service or maintenance of this product
ensure that all power sources are disconnected and properly
locked out and tagged.
Failure to do so may result in electric shock, fire and/or
water leakage/damage.
Installation must be performed according to the instructions
in this manual.
Failure to do so may result in electric shock, fire and/or
water leakage/damage.
The manufacturer does not assume responsibility for
careless installation by a unqualified person.
During installation, be sure to use the provided or specified
genuine parts along with the designated tools.
Failure to do so may result in electric shock, fire and/or
water leakage/damage.
When a power cable is damaged, ensure that is replaced by a
qualified mechanic or electrician.
Wiring must be performed by a qualified mechanic or
electrician in accordance with local, state and federal codes.
Voltage drop/shortage, careless power wiring, or use of
non-regulated power cable may cause electric shock or
Tidy up cables for the control box, outdoor units, and power
supply so that the structures (e.g. electrical part's cover) do
not float and be sure to fix the electrical part's cover.
Otherwise, it may cause heating of terminals, electric
shock, or fire.
Perform wiring with the designated cables and be sure to
fix them so that external force may not apply to terminal
Otherwise, it may cause heating or fire.
Be careful not to supply power over the maximum voltage or
less than the minimum voltage.
Damage or function degradation to electrical parts may
cause product malfunction.
Be sure to use copper wire as the power cable and use only
the regulated parts for wiring.
Be sure to check whether wiring has been properly made.
Otherwise, it may cause heating to result in fire.
Be sure to perform grounding work.
Do not connect the ground wire to another one for gas
pipe, water pipe, or telephone line.
When grounding is not proper, it may cause electric
The power anc Transmission wires of the control box must
However, depending on the radio wave, noise may be
generated from other devices even at the distance of
Never install the control box at the following places:
Where mineral oil is full or scattering (e.g. cooking area or
steamy place):
The resin parts may deteriorate, causing the parts to fall
or cause leakage.
Where corrosive gas such as sulfur dioxide is generated
(e.g. toilet exhaust system or vent outlet):
Corrosion of copper pipes and joints may cause
refrigerant leakage.
Where any radio wave equipment is located:
The control system may malfunction.
Where flammable gas may leak, carbon fiber or
flammable dust may float, or volatile meterials (e.g.
thinner, gasoline) are handled:
If gas leaks and remains in the main valve, it may cause
Where there is concern about indoor unit corrosion such
as coastal area or hot spring
Where the product is directly affected by external
environment (temperature, humidity, dust, etc.)
installation caused by non-compliance. (Service cost is
charged to the installer)



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