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Communications for 20 to 40 ton copeland scroll air conditioning compressors
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Communications is a breakthrough
innovation for 20 to 40 ton Copeland Scroll
air conditioning compressors. The CoreSense
Communications module, installed in the compressor
electrical box, provides advanced diagnostics,
protection, and communications that enhance
compressor performance and reliability.


CoreSense Communications has the following key
1. Motor temperature protection
2. Scroll high temperature protection
3. Missing phase protection
4. Reverse phase protection
5. Low control circuit voltage protection
6. Short cycling detection and alert
7. Communication to system controller through
8. Storage of operational history, runtime information,
fault counters, etc.
9. Display of status, warning, and alert information
via LEDs
CoreSense Communications provides compressor
and system protection through its proprietary lockout
feature. Depending on the severity and frequency of
the fault that caused the trip condition, the CoreSense
Communications module can lockout the compressor
contactor to prevent damage to the compressor and
system components. Less severe fault conditions
resulting in an occasional trip will not result in a lockout
Flashing red and green LEDs communicate Status,
Warning, and Alert codes to the service technician and
the master controller.

Application Usage

CoreSense Communications modules are not
interchangeable with any other brand of motor
protection module that may have been previously
used with Copeland Scroll compressors.
CoreSense Communications modules are not intended
to be used as field retrofits for other motor protection
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modules that may have been previously used with
Copeland Scroll compressors. The motor and scroll
thermistor circuits are configured differently for
Copeland Scroll with CoreSense Communications and
are not compatible with motor protection modules that
were previously used.
Copeland Scroll compressors equipped with CoreSense
Communications will have an "E" in the electrical code.
An example is the 40-ton scroll, ZP485KCE-TED.
Module Part Numbers
OEM and service compressors will have the CoreSense
Communications module installed in the compressor
electrical box. Individually packaged modules are
available to the aftermarket for component replacement.
Part numbers for OEM and service applications are
listed in Table 1 at the end of this bulletin.

Agency Recognition

CoreSense Communications carries the following
agency recognitions:
U.L. file E253322, Volume 7, Software Class B
CB Test Certificate

Product Specifications

CoreSense specifications are shown in Table 2. Many of
the electrical specifcations are the same as previously
used electronic motor protection modules.
As mentioned above, CoreSense Communications will
be shipped already installed in the compressor electrical
box. Two holding tabs secure the module in the box.
To remove the module depress the holding tabs and
remove the module.
Always disconnect and lockout the power supply
before removing the compressor electrical box
cover for servicing.

Terminal Description and Basic Field Wiring

Figure 2 at the end of this bulletin shows the CoreSense
Communications module. Figures 1a and 1b are the
terminal box wiring diagrams. An explanation of the
terminal designations follows:
T2-T1: Module power supply, 24 or 120/240 VAC.
L1-L2-L3: Phase inputs corresponding to compressor
input power L1-L2-L3.
AE8-1384 R5

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents