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Installation; Notes For Movement And Transport; Notes For Installation - LG GBB548BLCZH Owner's Manual

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Notes for Movement and
• Remove all food from inside the appliance.
Then, transport the appliance only after fixing
fragile parts such as shelves and the door
handle with tape. Failure to do so may cause
appliance damage.
• Pull the power plug out, insert and fix it into
the power plug hook at the rear or on top of
the appliance. Failure to do so may cause
damage to the power plug or floor scratch.
• When transporting the appliance, more than
two people should transport the appliance
carefully. Dropping the appliance, which is
extremely heavy, may cause personal injury or
appliance failure.
• When transporting the appliance over a long
distance, keep the appliance upright. The
appliance may fall over, causing malfunctions.
Never transport the appliance laying down as
it can cause a refrigerant circulation
malfunction when it is turned back on again.

Notes for Installation

• Install the appliance on a solid and flat area.
− If the appliance is installed on an uneven
floor, it can cause vibration and noise
causing the appliance to fall resulting in
injury. It could also cause the doors not to
close correctly and introduce moisture inside
the unit during operation.
− If the appliance front or rear is not level,
adjust the front feet so that it can be
corrected. Severe cases may need the floor
to be packed out with strips of thin timber.
• Avoid placing the unit near heat sources,
direct sunlight or moisture.
• Connect the power supply cord (or plug) to
the outlet. Don't double up with other
appliances on the same outlet.
• After connecting the power supply cord (or
plug) to the outlet, Wait two or three hours
before you put food into the appliance. If you
add food before the appliance has cooled
completely, your food may spoil.
• Models with handles should be located at
least 55 mm from the wall on the hinge side to
open door by 90°.
• Allow over 55 mm clearance to the right, left,
back and top when installing.
• After installing the appliance, connect the
power plug into a socket outlet. Before moving
and discarding the appliance, disconnect the
plug from the socket outlet.


Table of Contents