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LG GBB59PZFZB Owner's Manual

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Please read this owner's manual thoroughly before
operating and keep it handy for reference at all times.



  Summary of Contents for LG GBB59PZFZB

  • Page 1 ENGLISH OWNER’S MANUAL REFRIGERATOR- FREEZER Please read this owner’s manual thoroughly before operating and keep it handy for reference at all times.
  • Page 2: Electrical Connections

    INTRODUCTION Electrical Connections (In the UK Only) Important The wires in this mains lead are coloured in accor- dance with the following code: GREEN AND YELLOW: EARTH BLUE: NEUTRAL BROWN: LIVE This appliance must be earthed Green and Yellow (Earth) Brown (Live) Fuse Blue (Neutral)
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    INTRODUCTION Table of Contents Cleaning Before Cleaning Exterior Interior Important Safety Instructions After Cleaning Basic Safety Precautions Drip Tray Disposal Of Your Old Appliance Exterior Dispenser Installation Water Tank Cap Assembly Tank and Cap Tank Appliance Usage Range Climate Class Smart Diagnosis™...
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    INTRODUCTION Important Safety ment. This Refrigerator is intended for Domestic indoor use only. Instructions Never unplug your refrigerator by pulling on the power cord. Always Basic Safety Precautions grip plug firmly and pull it straight This guide contains many impor- out from the outlet.
  • Page 5 INTRODUCTION freezer as they may break due to down. expansion of their contents on - If you connect the power plug freezing. upside down, wire can get cut off and cause fire or electric shock. Never put your hands into the stor- age bin of the automatic ice maker Make sure that the power plug is as you could be injured during its...
  • Page 6 INTRODUCTION by providing an escape wire for the WARNING electric current. • Keep ventilation openings in In order to prevent possible elec- the room where the appliance is tric shock this appliance must be installed clear of obstruction. earthed. Improper connection of the earthing plug can cause •...
  • Page 7: Disposal Of Your Old Appliance

    WEEE collection point. For the most up to date information for your country please room in which the appliance is see standing for several minutes. In order to avoid the creation of a flammable gas air mixture if a leak...
  • Page 8: Installation

    INTRODUCTION INSTALLATION Installation Clean your fridge-freezer thoroughly and wipe off all dust accumulated during shipping. Install accessories such as ice cube box, etc., in Appliance Usage Range their proper places. They are packed together to prevent possible damage during shipment. This appliance is intended to be used in household Connect the power supply cord (or plug) to the and similar applications such as:...
  • Page 9: Display Panels Functions

    OPERATION Fresh Converter (Optional) Fresh Balancer Vegetable Drawer (Used to store fruits and vegetables etc. fresh and crispy) Fresh Converter (Optional) Ice Tray Freezer Tray Wire Shelf (Optional) Freezer Drawer The process of freezing occurs the fastest on the marked shelf Leveling Screw Basket Door (2 or 3) The actual inner temperature varies depending on the...
  • Page 10: Door Alarm

    INTRODUCTION OPERATION On/Off Friendly, press the Eco Friendly mode off so that other buttons work and the refrigerator returns to previous • Pressing this button refrigerator power is ON or temperature setting. OFF. Door Alarm • ON or OFF is repeated whenever pressing the ON/ OFF button.
  • Page 11: Fresh Converter

    OPERATION Fresh Converter Bottle Rack Fresh Converter storage compartment can control Bottles can be stored laterally with this wine corner. the temperature by adjusting the position of the Then you can invert the wine rack and place it on the temperature knob and generally its temperature is shelf.
  • Page 12: Removable Glass Shelf

    OPERATION How To Separate The Vegetable Drawer Remove the lower basket from the door by lifting it up. Pull the drawer until it stops and slightly lifting it up pull it to take it out. From this position, both sides of the shelf can be lifted up to free more space.
  • Page 13: Drinking

    OPERATION The assembly is the reverse of removal. • Do not open the door frequently. Opening the door lets warm air enter the fridge-freezer, and cause • Be careful not to press on with valve. temperature to rise. • When you assemble water tank on the door, bec- areful to install certainly.
  • Page 14: General Information

    CARE & MAINTENANCE General Information Cleaning Power Failure Before Cleaning 1~2 hour power failure does no harm to the foods Be sure to unplug the power. stores. Try to avoid opening and closing the door Exterior too frequently. Clean the outside of the fridge-freezer with a soft If You Move cloth soaked with hot water or liquid detergent.
  • Page 15: Smart Diagnosis™ (Optional)

    Smart Diagnosis. NOTE First, call to the LG service center. Only use the Smart • For best results, do not move the phone Diagnosis feature when instructed to do so by the while the tones are being transmitted.
  • Page 16: Tag On Function (Optional)

    Communication) function and based on the Android OS (operating system). Installation of the Application Search for the LG Smart ThinQ application from the Google Play Store on a smart phone. Product Registration Run the LG Smart ThinQ application on a smart phone.
  • Page 17: Troubleshootnig

    CARE & MAINTENANCE Troubleshootnig Before calling for service, check this list. It may save you both time and expense. This list includes common occurrences that are not the result of defective workmanship or materials in this appliance. Problem Possible Causes Fridge-Freezer does not •...
  • Page 19 Model: GB*60**Z**, GB*60**Y**, GB*60**G**, GB*60**F** GB*59**Z**, GB*59**Y**, GB*59**G**, GB*59**F** GB6*4**** GBD6*8****, GBD6*5****, GBF6*8****, GBF6*5****...
  • Page 20 Model: GB*60**D**, GB*60**E**, GB*60**J**, GB*60**K**, GB*60**R** GB*59**D**, GB*59**E**, GB*59**J**, GB*59**K**, GB*59**R** GB6*3**** , GB6*1**** , GB6*0**** GBD6*3****, GBD6*2****, GBF6*2****, GBH6*1****,...
  • Page 21 LG Customer Information Centre For inquiries or comments, visit or call; 01806 11 54 11 DEUTSCHLAND 015 200 255 BELGIQUE 0032 15 200 255 LUXEMBOURG 0900 543 5454 NEDERLAND 199 600 099 ITALIA 963 050 500 ESPAÑA 810 555 810 ČESKO...

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