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Sealey GSS1515.V2 Instructions Manual page 20

Galvanized steel shed 1510 x 1510 x 1900mm


The door can be hinged on the opposite side as well. Align the door with the edge and make holes using a cordless drill. Remove
the pins from the hinges and reverse their direction before you attach the door. If you are concerned about the visibility of any pre-
drilled holes, you can fill them with rivets. Perform the same procedure for the pad bolt.
© Jack Sealey Limited
© Jack Sealey Limited
1.5 x 1.5 x 2.1m
Original Language Version
Original Language Version
GSS1515.V2, GSS1515G.V2 Issue: 2(I) - 13/04/17
GSS1515.V2, GSS1515G.V2 Issue: 1 - 07/12/16



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