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Casio SF-8500 Service Manual & Parts List

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AUG. 1993



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  Summary of Contents for Casio SF-8500

  • Page 1 (without price) SF-8500 (LX-575) AUG. 1993 INDEX...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM....................1 SPECIFICATIONS ......................5 TO REPLACE THE BATTERY ..................6 ERROR MESSAGE ....................... 7 TO RESET THE DIGITAL DIARY ................. 7 TO SAVE THE DATA TO OTHER MACHINE ............... 8 TO CHECK THE MEMORY CAPACITY ..............11 DISASSEMBLY ......................
  • Page 3 1. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 1-1. Main PCB — 1 —...
  • Page 4 1-2. Display PCB — 2 —...
  • Page 5 1-3. Key Matrix — 3 —...
  • Page 6: Specifications

    2. SPECIFICATIONS Data storage: Telephone/business card/memo/schedule data storage/recall, calendar display, marker, phrase memory, secret area, editing, capacity display, auto display Clock: Average of accuracy ±3 seconds per day under normal temperatures; worldtime, schedule alarm, daily alarm Calculation: 12-digit arithmetic calculations, constants for + / – / × / ÷, independent memory, percentages, square roots, 24-digit approximations, date calculations, other mixed calculations General: 32-column ×...
  • Page 7: To Replace The Battery

    3. TO REPLACE THE BATTERY A) To replace the main batteries Before replacing the main batteries, note the following precautions. • Do not remove the back-up battery from the SF Unit while main batteries are removed. • Be sure to replace both batteries at the same time, and do not use an old battery with a new one.
  • Page 8: Error Message

    4. ERROR MESSAGE Message Meaning Action DATA ITEM NOT Text specified for Correct or change FOUND! search does not exist. specified text. PASSWORD Wrong password Enter correct MISMATCH! entered. password. MEMORY FULL! No more room in Delete unnecessary memory for storage of data items from data.
  • Page 9: To Save The Data To Other Machine

    Character input: CAPS 6. TO SAVE THE DATA TO OTHER MACHINE SF-8500 can transfer customers data to other SF-8500 with memory protection only when replacing the LCD or the outer case. How to transfer the data. * Before connecting the cable (SB-60 or SB-62), be sure to reset the slave machine to clear all data.
  • Page 10 4) Check the hardware parameters, and if the units have another condition, reset as follows. To change the hardware HARDWARE PARAMETERS parameters, press the PARITY EVEN NONE cursol keys. LENGTH7 bits 7 bits 8 bits 1200 2400 4800 9600 To set the hardware parameters, press the set key.
  • Page 11 Press to select "TRANSMIT" and the following menu appears. 1 ONE DATA ITEM 2 MODE DATA ITEMS 3 ALL DATA ITEMS — SEND — Press to select "ALL DATA ITEMS", and the following display appears to confirm whether you wish to proceed. SEND ALL DATA ITEMS ? YES SET / NO ESC Press the...
  • Page 12: To Check The Memory Capacity

    Message Cause STOPPED ! • key pressed on transmitting or receiving unit. • Memory area of receiving unit full. • Battery power drops below a certain level. TRANSMIT ERROR ! Cable connection broken or abnormal noise in cable. MEMORY FULL ! Memory area of receiving unit full.
  • Page 13: Disassembly

    8. DISASSEMBLY (SF-8500) 1) To open display unit 1. Remove the key switch sheet from the display frame with care using a sharp tweezers and remove 2 screws, then remove the display back cover. 2. Remove the blind plate of hinge and then release the 2 screws of hinge cover.
  • Page 14 2) To open battery cover and back cover 1. Release the one screw of battery cover and remove the battery cover. 2. Remove the batteries. (Refer section 3 in this manual.) 3. Release the 8 screws of the back cover. Then, remove the back cover. 4.
  • Page 15: Block Diagram

  • Page 16: Circuit Explanations

    10. CIRCUIT EXPLANATIONS 10-1. System chart Generally, SF-8500 is working with the following steps. "H" (Pin7) (Pin32) (Pin34) (Pin31) (Pin33) (Pin26) (Pin2) Gate array µ (Pin25) Power supply chip PD65005GC-566-3B6 SC371015FU (Pin31) (Pin1) (Pin39) VREG,V1~V4 VDD1 Output VDD2 (Pin49) for LCD...
  • Page 17: Power Supply Circuit

    10-2. Power supply circuit Power supply circuit for CPU, GATE ARRAY, CG ROM and RAMs. When the memory back-up battery or main batteries are set, the voltage supplies at the terminal VDD1 (Pin No.1) of SC371015FU (LSI2) through the diode MA743 (D1). When LSI2 receives a voltage, the regulated voltage VDD (4.3V~4.7V) will be applied to the VDD lines from the terminal VO1 (Pin No.2).
  • Page 18 When the voltage from the main batteries becomes +3.7V ±0.1V, the terminal VCOMP0 (Pin No.5) of the power supply chip (LSI2) becomes "L" level, then this signal goes to the terminal PDN (Pin No.28) of the GATE ARRAY (LSI3). After this, the terminal VOT (Pin No.32) of GATE ARRAY (LSI3) become "L"...
  • Page 19 Power supply chip SC371015FU The IC SC371015FU is power supply chip for SF-8500. When IC SC371015FU receives a Volt- age 5V from main power supply circuit at the ter- minal VDD1(Pin No.2), the regulated voltage VDD (4.3~4.7V) will be applied to the VDD lines.
  • Page 20 Gate array When VDD is applied from power supply IC SC371015FU to gate array µPD65005GC-556- 3B6, gate array will send "L" signal to active the main switch signal from terminal SWO. Open Also, gate array will send "H" signal to release (Pin 26) (Pin 25) TO MAIN SWITCH...
  • Page 21 10) Power supply for LCD (Pin69) "H" (Pin32) (Pin31) INT1 "H" V2ON POWER SUPPLY CHIP (Pin45) (Pin31) SC371015FU HD62076C02 GATE ARRAY µ PD65005GC-566-3B6 LCD drive voltages VREG,V1~V4 When the system is start up, CPU will send "H" signal to VIN terminal of gate array from V2ON termi- nal.
  • Page 22: Cpu Pin Description (Hd62076C02)

    10-3. CPU pin description (HD62076C02) Pin No. Name In/Out Status Status Description of OFF of ON 1~14,16,17 A0~A15 Pulse Address Bus line 15,39, 100 GND terminal Pulse Write signal Pulse Read signal Pulse Not used Not used Chip select signal for gate array Pulse Chip select signal for ROM (Charactor generator) Pulse...
  • Page 23: Gate Array Pin Descriptions (Μpd65005Gc-566-3B6)

    10-4. Gate array pin descriptions (µPD65005GC-566-3B6) Pin No. Name In/Out Status Status Description of OFF of ON 1~6, 8, 9 OI7~OI0 In/Out Not used 7, 33 GND terminal Pulse Address input 11~13 A15,A01,A00 Pulse Address input N.C. Not used Pulse GC signal input 16~23 IO0~IO7...
  • Page 24: Character Generator Rom Pin Descriptions (Hd62063B01)

    Pin No. Name In/Out Status Status Description of OFF of ON SUB IN Back-up battery detection input SUB OUT Back-up battery detection output (less than 2.5V…"L") V COMP0 Battery detection signal (less than 3.7V…"L") V COMP1 Battery detection signal (less than 4.4V…"L") V COMP2 Battery detection signal (less than 4.7V…"L") LCD drive power VREG...
  • Page 25: Operation Program Rom Pin Descriptions ( Μ Pd23C4001Ebgw-304)

    10-7. Operation program ROM pin discriptions (µPD23C4001EBGW-304) Pin No. Name In/Out Status Status Description of OFF of ON 2~12,23, A0~A18 Pulse Address bus line (A0~A14, RA15~RA18) 25~31 13~15, 17~21 O0~O7 Pulse Data bus line (IO0~IO7) GND terminal Pulse Chip enable signal from Gate array Pulse Output enable signal from Gate array 1, 32...
  • Page 26: Diagnostic Operation

    11. DIAGNOSTIC OPERATION Main switch Check pad 1. Diagnostic mode SELECT MENU 1 DISPLAY The diagnostic mode appears when main switch is turned on 2 MEMORY while there is a short in the checkpad. After this operation, 3 KEY the machine will beep and display "SELF-TEST". 4 BUZZER 5 I/F The menu appears after press SET key.
  • Page 27 #2---Test data pattern(FF,FE,FD..) NOTE 1. To change the RAM internal or extenal, press HOME/WORLD key. As SF-8500 has no RAM card interface, Test only Internal RAM area. NOTE 2. To change the test data pattern, press CALENDAR key for data pattern 1 (00,01,02,03,..FF,00,01,02,03,..).
  • Page 28 Type : ROM and RAM are shown. Note: The Internal/External switch is activated However, if the ROM is not in pressing CAL button. SF8500 has no exter- standard Casio format, a format nal RAM area. error will be displayed. Size : Memory capacity (total) Checksum: XOR : Logic operation for all data.
  • Page 29 5. Buzzer check SPREADSHEET key : Key input sound every 1 second TEL key : Sound alarm 1 BUSINESS CARD key : Sound alarm 2 BUZZER 1 BEEP 2 ALARM 1 3 ALARM 2 Sound can be stopped by pressing the any key. While an alarm is sounding the screen display is as shown at left.
  • Page 30 NOTE : As diagnostic program area does not have all ASCII code, to display a reception data, some charactor will be changed to other charactor. For example, a chapital letter will be changed to small letter. Break display (Broken transmission) Error display TRNS BREAK ! TRNS ERROR !
  • Page 31: Troubleshooting

    12. TROUBLESHOOTING Generally, check the machine with the followning steps for repair. CONDITION : Main battery switch START Main battries 6V? Replace main battries (CR2032 2pcs.) (Clean and adjust battery contact.) Key input OK? Reset operation Display OK? Key input OK? Save data to P/C if necessary.
  • Page 32 Adjust keyboard cable. Connection of keyboard cable OK? When press power on Key, any Poor connection Solder line oscillation at oscillator? on oscillator? Replace parts. Pin 45 of HD62076C02 "H" ? Poor connection? Solder line Replace parts. Pin 31 of µPD65005G-566-3B6 "H" ? Solder line Pin 32 of µPD65005G-566-3B6 "H"...
  • Page 33 Repair section 2 : For no display or wrong display problem START Pin 32 of µPD65005G-566-3B6 "H" ? Poor connection? Solder line Replace parts. Solder line Pin 31 of SC371015FU "H"? LCD drive voltages OK? Poor connection? (Pin8~12) of SC371015FU Poor connection on chip resistors R8~R10 ? Poor connection on...
  • Page 34: Parts List

    13. PARTS LIST (SF-8500) — 33 —...
  • Page 35 — 34 —...
  • Page 36: Pcb View

    14. PCB VIEW — 35 —...
  • Page 37: Assembly View

    15. ASSEMBLY VIEW...
  • Page 38 8-11-10, Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160, Japan Telephone: 03-3347-4926...