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Installation - Uniden 810e Owner's Manual

Professional cb base station
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Select a location that is convenient for operation and allows adequate air circula-
tion around the unit. Do not place anything directly on top of the radio cabinet
which would block the cooling vents. Avoid areas of high heat. Do not place the
unit on top of radiator vents or in direct sunlight. Do not place the unit in high
moisture environments such as bathrooms.
Since the maximum allowable power output of the transceiver is limited by the
D.O.C, the antenna isa very important factor affecting transmission distance. It is
for this reason that we strongly recommend that you install only a quality antenna
in your new CB radio system. You have purchased a superior quality transceiver.
Don't diminish its performance by installing an inferior antenna.
Only a properly matched antenna system will allow maximum power transfer from
the 50-ohm transmission line to the radiating element. We recommend that you
use an SWRmeter when installing your antenna. Set your PRO81 Oeto channel 20
and make adjustments to the antenna until the meter shows SWR = 1. Your
Uniden dealer is qualified to assist you in the selection of the proper antenna to
meet your application requirements.
The PRO 81 Oe may be used with any type of 50 ohm base station antenna. A
ground plane vertical antenna will provide the most uniform horizontal coverage.
This type of antenna is best suited for communication with a mobile unit. For
point to point operation where both stations are fixed, a directional beam will
usually increase communication range since this type of antenna concentrates
transmitted energy in one direction. The beam antenna also allows the receiver to
"listen" in only one direction thus reducing interfering signals.
Antenna height is an important factor when maximum range is desired. Keep the
antenna clear of surrounding structures and foliage. D.O.C regulations may limit
antenna height above an existing structure.
Connect the male connector (PL-259)of the coaxial cable from the antenna to the
female connector on the back of the unit.



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