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Network ready charging cart - 30 devices
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Safe Use Recommendations

There are specifi c risks associated with the use of Cart when moving or stationary (for charging or storage). You must be aware of,
and avoid these risks when the Cart is located in close proximity to children.
WARNING: Failure to observe the following Cart Use Safety notices may result in serious personal injury or equipment damage.
Only Adults should move this cart.
• Do not allow anyone to sit, stand, or climb on the Cart.
• Do not lift the Cart from the bottom.
• Do not block the fans and vent openings. To prevent overheating, leave at least 127 mm (5-inch) clearance around fans and
The Cart is designed to be used indoors only.
• Do not use the Cart to transport or store equipment other than what has been noted in this guide.
• Do not use the Cart to store liquids or cleaning supplies.
• Do not place heavy objects on the Cart surface or shelf.
– The maximum weight capacity of the top surface is 11.4 kg (25 lb).
– The maximum weight capacity of the shelf is 22.5 kg (49.5 lb).
Moving the Cart
• Before moving the Cart:
1. Disconnect the power cable from the wall.
2. Make sure the cable is wrapped and secure.
3. Close and lock the doors.
4. Remove items from the top work surface.
5. Unlock the casters.
• Push (do not pull) the Cart for optimum maneuverability and to prevent muscle strain.
• Do not move the Cart across rough, uneven or irregular surfaces such as gravel.
Parking the Cart
Observe these safety alerts for times when the cart is stationary:
• Do not park the Cart in areas of heavy traffi c.
• Do not run cables through doorways, holes in ceilings, walls, or fl oors.
• Do not run cables across hallways, classrooms, or other areas where they will be walked on.
• Do not leave Cart unattended in areas where children have access.
• Keep Cart doors closed and locked whenever it is unattended or parked for charging or storage.
• Keep Cart casters locked whenever it is unattended.
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