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Network ready charging cart - 30 devices
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Cleaning and Maintenance

WARNING: Failure to observe the following safety notices may result in serious personal injury or equipment damage.
Inspect for damage, dirt and debris on a regular basis. All paint and plastic components used in the Cart will withstand cleaning
by most commonly used, diluted, non-abrasive solutions such as quaternary ammonia compounds, ammonia enzyme cleaners,
bleach, or alcohol solutions. It is recommended that any cleaning solution be tested on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure it
does not harm the surface of the Cart.
• Marks from permanent marker, dry-erase marker, and pens can be removed with 91% isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth.
• Iodine stains can be removed with commonly used cleaners and a soft cloth.
• Do not use steel wool or other abrasive materials that may damage the surface fi nish.
Electrical: To avoid risk of electric shock, do not expose electrical components to water, cleaning solutions or other
potentially corrosive liquids or substances.
Electrical: Do not immerse Cart or Cart components in liquid or allow liquids to fl ow into the Cart. Wipe all cleaners off
surface immediately using a damp cloth. Dry the surface thoroughly after cleaning.
Electrical: Do not use fl ammable cleaners on Cart surfaces.
CAUTION: Adjustment, Service, Replacement - DO NOT attempt to adjust, service or replace any part of the Cart unless
directed to do so through Ergotron-approved documentation (i.e. installation instructions). Only Ergotron, Inc. or an Ergotron-
certifi ed entity may adjust, service or replace Cart components. If any component on the Cart is missing or damaged, the Cart
must not be used. Contact Ergotron immediately to request a replacement part.
CAUTION: Casters - Check casters periodically to make sure they are clean and free of debris that would prevent smooth
travel. Avoid moving Cart across uneven, dirty, or damaged surfaces.
CAUTION: Customer Equipment- Make sure equipment is balanced and installed securely to Cart. Contact Ergotron for
information about moving Cart components.
CAUTION: Changes or Modifi cations not expressly approved by Ergotron could void the user's
authority to operate the equipment.
888-24-368-M-01 rev.D • 03/20
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