Equipment Electrical Safety - Dell ergotron ERGITD-009 Quick Reference Manual

Network ready charging cart - 30 devices
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Product and Safety Alerts
Hazard Symbols Review
These symbols alert users of a safety
condition that demands attention. All
cart users should be able to recognize
and understand the signifi cance of the
following Safety Hazards if encountered
on the cart or within cart documentation.
Children who are not able to recognize
and respond appropriately to Safety Alerts
should not use the cart without adult

Equipment Electrical Safety

There are specifi c risks associated with the use of equipment having power cables. You must be aware of, and avoid these risks
when the Cart is located in close proximity to children.
WARNING: Failure to observe the following Electrical Safety notices can result in fi re or death by electric shock.
Electrical: Electrical cables can be hazardous. Misuse can result in fi re or death by electrical shock.
• Double Pole / Neutral Fusing
• Inspect power cables thoroughly before each use.
• Do not use cables that are damaged.
• Insert the plug completely into the outlet.
• Grasp the plug to remove from the outlet.
• Do not unplug by pulling on the cable.
• Do not use excessive force to make connections.
• Use only Dell power adapters that come with Dell systems with this cart.
• Do not plug the cable into an extension cable.
• Do not remove, bend or modify any metal prongs or pins of cable.
• Do not drive, drag or place objects over the cable.
• Do not walk on the cable.
• Avoid overheating. Uncoil the cable and do not cover it with any material.
• Do not run cable through doorways, holes in ceilings, walls or fl oors.
Electrical: Keep the Cart away from water.
• Do not use it when wet.
• Do not place the Cart in close proximity to fl ammable liquids or gases.
CAUTION: Observe all the safety precautions related
to the Dell Cart operation and maintenance included in this
reference guide! Failure to follow the safety precautions may
result in injury or damage to equipment.
CAUTION: There is no on/off switch on this equipment;
the only power disconnect is the AC power cable.
Therefore, the socket outlet should be easily accessible and
should be installed near the equipment.
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Risk of Electric Shock
DANGER! Electrical calabes can be hazardous.
Misuse can result in fi re or death by electrical shock.
Level of Hazard
A NOTE indicates important information that helps
you make better use of your cart.
A CAUTION indicates either potential damage to
hardware or loss of data and tells you how to avoid
the problem.
A WARNING indicates either potential for property
damage, personal injury, or death.
An ELECTRICAL indicates an impending electrical
hazard which, if not avoided, may result in personal
injury, fi re and/or death.
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