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Uniden VHF HH940 Operating Manual

Vhf marine radio
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  Summary of Contents for Uniden VHF HH940

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Controls and Indicators..Foldout Introduction ... . . 2 Features ... . . 2 Technical Support and Service . . 2 Maritime Radio Services Operation .
  • Page 3: Controls And Indicators

    Controls and Indicators Antenna Belt Clip PTT (Push to Talk) Light/Lock Key LCD Display Scan button Power button 16/9 - Triple Watch 16/9/triple button WX Mode/Weather Alert button 10 USA/International button 11 Speaker 12 Volume button volume 13 Channel Up button 14 Channel Down button...
  • Page 4 The HH940 is waterproof only when both the antenna and the battery are properly attached. Do not operate the transmitter of any radio equipment unless all the Radio Frequency (RF) connectors are secure and any open connectors are properly terminated. Do not operate the transmitter of any radio equipment near electrical blasting caps or in an explosive...
  • Page 6: Introduction

    Your Uniden dealer can provide you with technical assistance and information. If your marine radio does not perform properly, take it to a Uniden dealer for servicing. The radio contains no user-serviceable parts. Unauthorized adjustment will void the warranty and may cause illegal radio operation. Be sure that a qualified technician services your radio equipment.
  • Page 7: Maritime Radio Services Operation

    Maritime Radio Services Operation This transmitter will operate on channels/frequencies that have restricted use in the United States. The channel assignments include frequencies assigned for exclusive use of the U.S. Coast Guard, use in Canada, and use in international waters. Operation in these frequencies without proper authorization is strictly forbidden.
  • Page 8: Included With Your Hh940

    Included with Your HH940 HH940 Charger AC Adapter Antenna Battery Wrist Strap Operating Guide Printed Material Mounting Screws If any of these items are missing from the box, contact your Uniden Dealer.
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    Getting Started Mounting the Drop-in Charger 1. Mount the drop-in charger to either a counter or wall. 2. Plug one end of the AC adapter into the wall outlet, and the other end into the Drop-in Charger. Attaching the Antenna Attach the antenna to the HH940.
  • Page 10: Attaching The Battery Pack

    Attaching the Battery Pack 1. Slide the battery pack onto the bottom of the radio. 2. Use a quarter to turn the screw that connects the battery pack to the HH940. Be sure the battery pack fits tightly against the HH940’s body.
  • Page 11 1. Place the HH940 in the drop-in charger. 2. The red LED lights and stays on. The charger won’t overcharge the battery pack. Do not transmit when the HH940 is in the drop-in charger! You can monitor incoming calls while the HH940 is in the drop-in charger.
  • Page 12: Operation

    When you press any key (except PTT), a short tone sounds. Whenever you turn on your HH940, it is tuned to channel 16 – the United States Coast Guard frequency for distress, safety, and calling. See the foldout in the front of the operating guide for button and key positions.
  • Page 13 Press and hold adjust the “squelch gate” so high that no signals get through. 5. Press and hold adjust the “squelch gate” so everything gets through – noise, weak signals, and strong signals. 6. To set the “squelch gate” to the desired level, press on the chan button until the gate...
  • Page 14: Selecting A Channel

    Selecting a Channel 1. Turn on your HH940. 2. To select a higher channel, press the channel button. 3. To select a lower channel press the channel button. One-touch Channel 16/9 Example: While you are monitoring channel 19, you want to check channel 16 or channel 9.
  • Page 15: Monitoring Weather Channels

    Example: You’re listening to channel 6. You want to scan all the channels. 1. To start scanning all channels, press the scan button. 2. The channels flash on the LCD display as the HH940 looks for a transmission. 3. When it finds (receives) an incoming call, the HH940 stops and...
  • Page 16: Triple Watch

    Triple Watch Triple Watch mode monitors channels 16 and 9 while monitoring the currently selected channel for a signal. The marine radio checks channel 16 and channel 9 for activity every 2 seconds. To select Triple Watch mode press and hold the triple button for two seconds.
  • Page 17: International-Usa Channels

    International-USA Channels 1. To listen to international marine channels, press int . 2. To switch back to USA marine channels, press int again. For USA and international marine channels and functions, refer to the tables starting on page 14. Transmitting To transmit, press and hold in the PTT key.
  • Page 18: Marine Channels - Usa

    Marine Channels - USA Channel Frequency (MHz) Transmit Receive 163.275 162.550 162.400 162.475 162.425 162.450 162.500 162.525 161.650 161.775 156.050 156.050 156.100 156.100 156.150 156.150 156.200 156.200 156.250 156.250 156.300 156.300 156.350 156.350 156.400 156.400 156.450 156.450 156.500 156.500 156.550 156.550 156.600 156.600...
  • Page 19: Marine Channels - International

    Marine Channels - International Channel Frequency (MHz) Transmit Receive 163.275 162.550 162.400 162.475 162.425 162.450 162.500 162.525 161.650 161.775 156.050 160.650 156.100 160.700 156.150 160.750 156.200 160.800 156.250 160.850 156.300 156.300 156.350 160.950 156.400 156.400 156.450 156.450 156.500 156.500 156.550 156.550 156.600 156.600...
  • Page 20: Parts And Accessories

    Parts and Accessories Antenna Battery Pack BP940 Operating Guide Wrist Strap AC Adapter Drop-in Charger Cigarette Adapter HH9804...
  • Page 21: Specifications

    General Channels Transmit Receive Weather Freq. Control Freq. Tol. Transmit Receive Oper. Temp. Antenna Microphone Display Speaker Power Source Size (without Weight (w/battery 8.4 oz. & antenna) Transmitter Frequency Range Frequency Stability Power Output Spurious Emissions Current Drain Receiver Receiver Type Frequency Range Sensitivity Squelch Sensitivity...
  • Page 22 WARRANTOR: Uniden ELEMENTS OF WARRANTY: Uniden warrants, for three years, to the original retail owner, this Uniden Product to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship with only the limitations or exclusions set out below. WARRANTY DURATION: This warranty to the original user shall terminate and be of no further effect 36 months after the date of original retail sale.
  • Page 23 ® ©1998 Uniden America Corporation All Rights Reserved. Printed in the Philippines...

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