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Motorola WAVE TLK 150 User Manual

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TLK 150 User Guide
MARCH 2020
2020 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved



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  • Page 1 WAVE TWO-WAY RADIO ™ TLK 150 User Guide MARCH 2020 *MN006371A01* MN006371A01-AA © 2020 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    MN006371A01-AA Contents Contents Chapter 1: Read Me First....................5 Chapter 2: Feature and Service Availability............. 6 Chapter 3: Software Version..................7 Chapter 4: Radio Care....................8 Chapter 5: Radio Overview..................9 Programmable Buttons........................ 10 Assignable Radio Functions..................... 10 Chapter 6: Getting Started..................11 Turning the Radio On or Off......................
  • Page 3 MN006371A01-AA Contents Turning the All Alert Tones Off..................22 Adjusting Display Brightness....................... 23 Turning the Voice Announcement On or Off................23 Turning the Voice Announcement On................23 Turning the Voice Announcement Off................23 Turning the DND On or Off......................23 Turning the DND On......................23 Turning the DND Off......................
  • Page 4 MN006371A01-AA Contents Chapter 23: Authorized Accessories List............... 35 Limited Warranty.......................37 MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS COMMUNICATION PRODUCTS............. 37 I. WHAT THIS WARRANTY COVERS AND FOR HOW LONG:..........37 II. GENERAL PROVISIONS......................37 III. STATE LAW RIGHTS:......................37 IV. HOW TO GET WARRANTY SERVICE..................38 V. WHAT THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER..............38 VI.
  • Page 5: Chapter 1: Read Me First

    MN006371A01-AA Read Me First Chapter 1 Read Me First This user guide covers the basic operations of your radios. Notations Used in This Manual Throughout the text in this publication, you notice the use of Warning, Caution, and Notice. These notations are used to emphasize that safety hazards exist, and the care that must be taken or observed.
  • Page 6: Chapter 2: Feature And Service Availability

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 2: Feature and Service Availability Chapter 2 Feature and Service Availability Your dealer may have customized your radio for your specific needs. NOTICE: Not all features in the manual are available in your radio. Contact your dealer for more information.
  • Page 7: Chapter 3: Software Version

    MN006371A01-AA Software Version Chapter 3 Software Version All the features described in the following sections are supported by the software version R03.01.01 or later. Contact your dealer for more information.
  • Page 8: Chapter 4: Radio Care

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 4: Radio Care Chapter 4 Radio Care This section describes the basic handling precaution of the radio. Table 2: IP Specification IP Specification Description IP54 Allows your radio to withstand adverse field conditions such as being exposed to water or dust.
  • Page 9: Chapter 5: Radio Overview

    MN006371A01-AA Radio Overview Chapter 5 Radio Overview This chapter explains the overview of your radio. Table 3: Radio Overview Buttons Descriptions Power button Turn the radio on and off. Volume Up button Increase the volume level. Volume Down button Decrease the volume level. Channel button Scroll up or down to the next channel or talkgroup in the list.
  • Page 10: Programmable Buttons

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 5: Radio Overview Programmable Buttons You can program the programmable buttons as shortcuts to specific radio functions through Wave OnCloud (WoC) portal. Depending on the duration of a button press, the programmable buttons function differently. Assignable Radio Functions The following radio functions can be assigned to the programmable buttons by your dealer.
  • Page 11: Chapter 6: Getting Started

    MN006371A01-AA Getting Started Chapter 6 Getting Started This chapter provides instructions to prepare your radio for use. Turning the Radio On or Off NOTICE: Contact your dealer for more information on ignition switch. Turning the Radio On Procedure: To turn on your radio, press and hold the Power button or ignition switch. If your radio is turned on successfully, your radio shows the following indications: •...
  • Page 12: Chapter 7: Status Indicators

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 7: Status Indicators Chapter 7 Status Indicators This chapter explains the Icons and LED indicators used in the radio. Display Icons The following icons appear on the status bar at the top of the radio display. The icons are arranged left most in order of appearance or usage, and are channel-specific.
  • Page 13: Led Indications

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 7: Status Indicators LED Indications The LED Indicator shows the operational status of your radio. Table 5: LED Indications Indication Operational Mode Solid green • Radio is powering on • Radio is transmitting • Ambient Alert Blinking green •...
  • Page 14: Chapter 8: Fast Scroll Talkgroup List

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 8: Fast Scroll Talkgroup List Chapter 8 Fast Scroll Talkgroup List A talkgroup list has a maximum of 96 channels. The order of the channels are in numerical order. You can press and hold on the Channel button to perform the fast scroll.
  • Page 15: Chapter 9: Selecting Talkgroup

    MN006371A01-AA Selecting Talkgroup Chapter 9 Selecting Talkgroup Procedure: Press the Channel button. If the talkgroup is changed successfully, your radio shows a new talkgroup channel. If selecting talkgroup is unsuccessful, your radio plays a negative indicator tone sound and remains on the talkgroup channel.
  • Page 16: Chapter 10: Radio Calls

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 10: Radio Calls Chapter 10 Radio Calls This chapter explains the operations to receive, respond to, make, and stop calls. Calls supported are Group, Private, and Broadcast calls. Making Calls on the Radio Procedure: 1 Perform one of the following actions: •...
  • Page 17: Chapter 11: Supervisory Override

    MN006371A01-AA Supervisory Override Chapter 11 Supervisory Override Supervisory Override allows a supervisor to interrupt during an ongoing call and immediately start a supervisory call. If the user is receiving or transmitting a call and the server is interrupted by a supervisory call, your radio unmutes to the supervisory call and display the alias of the supervisor.
  • Page 18: Chapter 12: Checking Radio Information

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 12: Checking Radio Information Chapter 12 Checking Radio Information Prerequisites: Turn on your radio. Procedure: 1 To check the radio information, press and hold the Contacts/Info button. 2 Perform one of the following actions: • To enable radio alias during Emergency Alerts received, select Alerts. •...
  • Page 19: Chapter 13: Bluetooth

    2.5 mW (4 dBm) at the 10 m range. This is an unobstructed path between your radio and your BT-enabled device. For high degree of reliability, Motorola Solutions recommends to not separate the radio and the BT-enabled device.
  • Page 20: Clearing Bluetooth Pairing

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 13: Bluetooth Clearing Bluetooth Pairing Procedure: 1 Press and hold the Contacts/Info button. 2 Select Bluetooth Pairing → <device friendly name> → Menu/OK. If clearing a paired Bluetooth device successfully, a positive tone sounds. If clearing an unpaired Bluetooth device, a negative tone sounds.
  • Page 21: Chapter 14: Contact List

    MN006371A01-AA Contact List Chapter 14 Contact List By default, the contact list is accessible through press and hold on the programmable button. Contact your dealer for more information on the configuration. The contact list only supports user that are available and set to Do Not Disturb (DND). If the contact is offline, it will be hidden from the list.
  • Page 22: Chapter 15: Menu

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 15: Menu Chapter 15 Menu You are able to access the menu through the Menu/OK button. The following are the available features in the Menu. Table 6: List of Features Feature Description All Alert Tone Allows you to enable and disable All Alert Tone. Display Brightness Allows you to adjust the display brightness on your radio.
  • Page 23: Adjusting Display Brightness

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 15: Menu Adjusting Display Brightness Procedure: 1 From the menu, select Brightness. 2 Select your preferred brightness level ranging from 0 to 8. Turning the Voice Announcement On or Off Turning the Voice Announcement On Procedure: From the menu, select Voice Announcement → The Voice Announcement is on.
  • Page 24: Turning The Scan On Or Off

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 15: Menu Turning the Scan On or Off Turning the Scan On Procedure: From the menu, select Scan → Scan is on and the Voice Announcement sounds. Turning the Scan Off Procedure: From the menu, select Scan → x. Scan is off and the Voice Announcement sounds.
  • Page 25: Turning The Wi-Fi Off

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 15: Menu Turning the Wi-Fi Off Procedure: From the menu, select Wi-Fi → x. Wi-Fi is off and the Voice Announcement sounds. Turning the Cellular On or Off Turning the Cellular On Procedure: From the menu, select Cellular → Cellular is on and the Voice Announcement sounds.
  • Page 26: Chapter 16: Instant Personal Alert

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 16: Instant Personal Alert Chapter 16 Instant Personal Alert Instant Personal Alert (IPA) is a notification that you can send to a contact that is busy or unable to reply to a group or private call. When you received an IPA, your radio sounds a tone and displays an icon and the sender alias. The IPA received is stored in the IPA Status List and allows you to view and reply at any time.
  • Page 27 MN006371A01-AA Chapter 16: Instant Personal Alert • In the IPA Status List, press and hold the Menu/OK button on the contact that you want to clear. • Power cycle your radio to clear all the IPAs.
  • Page 28: Chapter 17: Emergency Operations

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 17: Emergency Operations Chapter 17 Emergency Operations There are two ways in declaring or canceling an Emergency. You can declare or cancel an Emergency locally by pressing the programmable button (Emergency button) or the Emergency button on your Bluetooth accessory. You can also declare or cancel an Emergency remotely by an authorized user through WAVE APP or a dispatcher.
  • Page 29: Responding To Emergency Alert

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 17: Emergency Operations • The display shows the Declared-Emergency Alert icon and the initiator's alias. • The alert has a higher priority compare to making or receiving call. When you receive a Cancelled-Emergency Alert, your radio shows the following indications: •...
  • Page 30: Chapter 18: Area Talkgroup

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 18: Area Talkgroup Chapter 18 Area Talkgroup When you enter a georgraphic area, you are able to view and hear the notifications for the talkgroup area in that geofence. The Area Talkgroup is added to the Area Talkgroup List in alpabertical order. Once you are added to the Area Talkgroup list, your radio receives calls from both the Area Talkgroup and the talkgroup the radio was on prior to entering the Area Talkgroup.
  • Page 31: Chapter 19: Radio Stun

    MN006371A01-AA Radio Stun Chapter 19 Radio Stun Radio Stun indicates that the radio is disabled. When your radio is in Radio Stun mode, all the buttons except for the Power, Contacts/Info, P1, P2, Back/Home, and Volume Up and Down buttons are disabled. All voice activity and LED indications are disabled as well.
  • Page 32: Chapter 20: User Disabled Or Suspended

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 20: User Disabled or Suspended Chapter 20 User Disabled or Suspended User Disabled or Suspended indicates that your account is disabled or suspended. When your account is disabled or suspended, you are not able to login to the PTT server. Your radio sounds a tone, red LED blinks, and flashes the User Disable/suspended icon.
  • Page 33: Chapter 21: Radio Kill

    In a normal Operation mode, when your radio receive a kill command, your radio will turn off. While in Kill mode, there are no User Interface (UI) on your radio and you are not able to turn on your radio. Your radio can only be re-activated by Motorola Solutions. Contact your dealer for more information.
  • Page 34: Chapter 22: Ambient Listening

    MN006371A01-AA Chapter 22: Ambient Listening Chapter 22 Ambient Listening This feature allows the authorized user to listen to the ambient audio of a specific radio during idle mode. When an authorized user starts ambient listening on a specific radio, the radio plays a tone, displays the ambient listening icon and the alias of the authorized user.
  • Page 35: Chapter 23: Authorized Accessories List

    MN006371A01-AA Authorized Accessories List Chapter 23 Authorized Accessories List Table 7: Audio Part Number Description AC000240A01 Wideband External Speaker GMMN4065 Visor Microphone (Omni-Direction) PMMN4127_ Bluetooth RSM PMMN4129_ Wideband Compact Microphone Table 8: Antenna Part Number Description AN000358A01 LTE Antenna AN000359A01 GNSS Dash Mount Antenna Table 9: Cables Part Number...
  • Page 36 MN006371A01-AA Chapter 23: Authorized Accessories List Part Number Description PMLN5620_ Connector Extender (20 pieces) RLN4836_R Emergency Footswitch RLN4856_ Remote Mount Footswitch PTT RLN4857_ Push Button with Remote PTT...
  • Page 37: Limited Warranty

    Motorola Solutions cannot be responsible in any way for any ancillary equipment not furnished by Motorola Solutions which is attached to or used in connection with the Product, or for operation of the Product with any ancillary equipment, and all such equipment is expressly excluded from this warranty.
  • Page 38: Iv. How To Get Warranty Service

    1 Motorola Solutions will be notified promptly in writing by such purchaser of any notice of such claim, 2 Motorola Solutions will have sole control of the defense of such suit and all negotiations for its...
  • Page 39: Vii. Governing Law

    MN006371A01-AA Limited Warranty 3 Should the Product or parts become, or in Motorola Solutions opinion be likely to become, the subject of a claim of infringement of a United States patent, that such purchaser will permit Motorola Solutions, at its option and expense, either to procure for such purchaser the right to continue using the Product or parts or to replace or modify the same so that it becomes non-infringing or to grant such purchaser a credit for the Product or parts as depreciated and accept its return.
  • Page 40: Legal And Compliance Statements

    Supplier's Declaration of Conformity Supplier's Declaration of Conformity Per FCC CFR 47 Part 2 Section 2.1077(a) Responsible Party Name: Motorola Solutions, Inc. Address: 1303 East Algonquin Road, Schaumburg, IL 60196-1078, U.S.A. Phone Number: 1-800-927-2744 Hereby declares that the product: Model Name: TLK 150 conforms to the following regulations: FCC Part 15, subpart B, section 15.107(a), 15.107(d), and section 15.109(a)
  • Page 41: Notice To Users

    Accordingly, any copyrighted Motorola Solutions computer programs contained in the Motorola Solutions products described in this manual may not be copied, reproduced, modified, reverse-engineered, or distributed in any manner without the express written permission of Motorola Solutions.
  • Page 42: Important Safety Information

    Motorola Solutions, Inc. Furthermore, the purchase of Motorola Solutions products shall not be deemed to grant either directly or by implication, estoppel or otherwise, any license under the copyrights, patents or patent applications of Motorola Solutions, except for the normal non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use that arises by operation of law in the sale of a product.