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Laundry; Preparing Laundry; Sorting Laundry - Siemens WT47RTW0DN Installation And Operation Instructions Manual

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P reparing laundry
L a u n d r y
Risk of explosions/fire!
Certain objects may ignite when drying
is in progress, or even cause the
appliance to catch fire or explode.
Remove any lighters or matches from
pockets on items of clothing.
Risk of damage to the drum and
Leaving objects in the pockets of your
clothing can cause damage to the drum
and laundry when the appliance is in
operation. Remove all objects (e.g.
metal items) from clothing pockets.
Prepare the laundry as follows:
Tie cloth belts, apron strings, etc.
together or use a laundry bag.
Close zips, hooks, eyelets and
buttons. Button up large items of
laundry, such as covers.
Always dry very small items of
laundry, e.g. babies' socks, together
with large items such as towels.
Use timed programmes for single
Knitted items, such as T-shirts and
jerseys, often shrink slightly the first
time they are tumble-dried. Use a
gentle programme.
Do not overdry easy-care laundry.
This leads to increased creasing of
your laundry.
Some detergents and care products,
e.g. starch or softeners, contain
particles that may accumulate on the
moisture sensor. This may impair the
sensor's performance and, in turn,
the drying result.
– When washing laundry to be
tumble-dried, use the correct
amount of detergent and care
products as specified in the
manufacturer's instructions.
– Clean the moisture sensor
regularly ~ Page 39.

Sorting laundry

Load the laundry item by item
into the appliance. For more effective
drying, do not stuff an entire bundle of
laundry into the dryer at once.
Risk of material damage to the dryer or
Laundry that is unsuitable for tumble-
drying may damage the appliance and
the laundry when it is dried. Before you
dry it, sort the laundry according to the
information given on the care label:
c Suitable for tumble drying
a Dry at normal temperature
` Dry at low temperature
b Do not tumble-dry



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