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Programme Settings - Siemens WT47RTW0DN Installation And Operation Instructions Manual

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Programme settings

P r o g r a m m e s e t t i n g s
Program setting
Not all settings can be activated in every programme. The activated settings are displayed on the pro-
gramme selector (dryness level) or highlighted brightly in the display. You can change or deactivate the ac-
tivated settings by turning the programme selector or pressing the relevant buttons repeatedly.
Drying target :
Cupboard Dry Extra
Cupboard Dry
Iron Dry
w (Adjust drying
û (Time Dry)
B (Ready in)
Ý (Anti-Crease)
M(Low heat)
The dryness level defines how damp or dry the laundry is after the programme
Use the programme selector to select the dryness level that you require for the
laundry you need to dry.
Multi-layered, thick laundry that does not dry readily.
Normal, single-layered laundry.
Normal, single-layered laundry that still needs to be damp after drying and is suit-
able for ironing or hanging up.
If you think the laundry is still too damp when the drying programme has ended,
you can adjust the degree of dryness to achieve a particular dryness level. To
increase the dryness level, set the degree of dryness to between ÄÔ and ÄÄÄÔ.
This extends the programme duration but the temperature remains the same.
Once you have adjusted the degree of dryness for a dryness level, this setting is
retained even after the appliance is switched off.
The drying time for timed programmes can be extended to up to three hours in
10-minute increments.
Before starting the programme, you can delay the time at which the pro-
gramme ends by up to 24 hours.
The set time in hours, e.g. 8 h, is shown in the display and counts down until the
programme starts. Once the programme has started, the programme duration is
The programme duration is included in the "Ready in" time.
The drum moves the laundry at regular intervals after drying to prevent creasing.
You can activate or deactivate the automatic Anti-Crease function for 60 minutes
(Ý Â) or for 120 minutes (Ý Ã).
Reduced temperature for delicate fabrics, e.g. polyacrylic or elastane, may
increase the drying time.
Programme settings



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